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Gays Say Two Men Shouldn’t Get Married.. Wait – What?


Allowing gay people to get married does not eliminate discrimination – it only redefines discrimination. Let me explain:

I’ve always said that if you have gay marriage you have no marriage at all and people always say that’s bigoted – but it’s not. I’m just stating the obvious.

If you say marriage is one man and one woman, you’re excluding gays. But if you say marriage now includes two gay men or two lesbian women, you’re only broadening the discrimination. What about everyone else? Aren’t you still discriminating against them? Be honest – yes, you are. You bigot.

Case in point: What if a man and a woman want to get married, but have no plans whatsoever to have children? What if they can’t have children, but still want to get married? That’s okay, right? How about if they want to get married, but aren’t particularly attracted to each other – but still love each other?

gay marriageI venture to say that cool too, right? And certainly gay people are okay with that, as long as gays can get married, right?

Who cares, as long as two people (and only two people) are in a loving relationship, right? Yeah.

Now: What if two men want to marry each other… but they don’t want to have children OR sex?

Gay people are cool with tha.. “Hey – wait a minute!! They can’t get married. No marriage for them!! That ain’t right! NO!!”


My guy has the story:

Travis McIntosh is a 23-year-old engineering student at University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Matt McCormick, whom McIntosh has known since he was 6, is a 24-year-old teacher at Musselburgh School, also in Dunedin. Recently, the pair became husband and husband in front of sixty witnesses — family and friends — at Eden Park, in Auckland.
You might expect that the gay community Down Under would be supportive of the union, if not ecstatic over yet another victory in the name of “marriage equality,” but they are anything but. Why? Because McIntosh and McCormick are both heterosexuals.
The two best friends entered a “bromance” contest sponsored by radio station The Edge. The winning couple would need to formally tie the knot, which became legal in New Zealand last year, in exchange for an all-expenses paid trip to the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England.
… Which apparently has homosexuals in a lather…

Read the whole hysterical, yet illustrative story over at Liberty Unyielding:

Bunch of bigots if you ask me.. Seriously though, click above and read this mess.

More importantly, if they get lucky with members of the opposite sex, is that adultery? Incest? Fornication?
— pandainc


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