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Fresh Hot Polls: Obama Sinks To 35%


Call it a hunch: the news networks are not blazing forth with this as a headline. Am I right, people?

Reuters, who runs one of the big and often-cited polls, has Barack Obama’s approval at 35%, an all-time low (so far). (h/t WeaselZippers) Actually 34.7%, and that’s including 3.6% who merely “lean approve”.

It took years of the daily left-wing media beat-down to get President Bush this low. Obama has enjoyed quite the opposite; ceaseless fawning, praising, covering up, softball interviews, and not the merest interest in an array of scandals that would have made Nero blush. So how bad must he be, that in spite of all of that free advertising, America just can’t stand the guy any more.

Perhaps — just spitballing here — but perhaps America is just not in love with mass amnesty and open borders; or maybe we want a stronger posture toward terrorists and evil regimes that openly threaten us; or who knows, that old “half of America is not working” thing might be an issue. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a hayseed from flyover country. Loving my country is so…. so… non-cosmopolitan, so non-multi-cultural, so, how can I say this, so intolerant!

Yeah, so here’s mud in your eye. Suck it, Obamanistas.


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