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Floyd Mayweather: Claim of Hating Abortion a Sham to Shame Shantel?


Floyd Mayweather’s claim that he hates ‘killing babies’ may have been a publicity stunt to shame ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson. At least, that is what she is implying. Jackson aborted the couples twins and broke off her relationship with Mayweather months ago. Now she is alleging the boxer was abusive physically and emotionally by ‘beating her’ and ‘publically humiliating her.’


Beautiful on the outside only?


Boxer Floyd Mayweather hasn’t been knocked out in the ring, but his ex-girlfriend just landed a serious jab by filing a lawsuit against the undefeated welterweight.


Shantel Jackson, who is slated to co-star with Nelly in an upcoming BET reality show, called a press conference Thursday to announce charges she filed against Floyd. She’s seeking damages for alleged invasion of privacy, assault, battery and defamation.


“It is with a heavy heart that I finally realized that the only way to set the record straight and to achieve justice for what he has done to me is through the filing of this lawsuit,” Shantel said at the press conference.


In addition to the alleged physical assaults, Shantel has accused Floyd of false imprisonment, civil harassment and emotional abuse.


Floyd’s Instagram followers might remember that he attempted to publicly shame Shantel after she chose to abort the couple’s twins.


Shantel terminated the pregnancy in January, according to reports. Months later, after she repeatedly turned down his offer to move in with him and relocate to Las Vegas, he allegedly opted to shame her.


“On May 1, Mayweather, in retaliation for Ms. Jackson’s continued refusals to comply with his demands … decided to give her the ultimate humiliation. That day, knowing that his social media following was huge and devoted, Mayweather posted the following on his Facebook and Instagram accounts: ‘the real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @MissJackson broke up was because she got an abortion, and I’m totally against killing babies,’” read the statement from Shantel’s attorney Gloria Allred.alred


Despite their less-than-amicable breakup, Shantel said she still has love for Floyd.

“There was a point in my relationship with Floyd, that I thought we would be together forever. I loved him so much. I made sure I took care of him the best way I knew how. I tried my best to make our relationship work by compromising and going to relationship counseling, but I finally realized there was no hope for our relationship, and I could not continue. I love Floyd deeply, but he continued to disappoint and intentionally hurt me. I have been embarrassed and humiliated more than I could ever imagine by Floyd,” she said. “I have tried everything I could and have given Floyd every opportunity to do the right thing. Unfortunately, he has refused every opportunity to make things right.”



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