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Feeling good about your 2nd Amendment rights? Don’t!


We’ve seen some significant victories in the battles over the right to bear arms, our 2nd Amendment right that is clearly spelled out in the Constitution.  Until very recently, in areas controlled by anti-gun Democrats it’s virtually impossible buy, own, or legally carry a firearm.  The Heller decision by the Supreme Court got the ball rolling when they declared the restrictive ownership laws in Washington DC to be unconstitutional.  That was followed by decisions that overturned the gun ban in Chicago and the right to carry a concealed weapon in Illinois.  Even California has gotten on the bandwagon, with decisions loosening their restrictive purchase and ownership rights.  The latest victory in the battle happened this week when the New York Times declared that they’d lost the war on “assault weapons” and all that skirmish ever was was a quibble over style.

A word of Curmudgeonly advice.  Don’t get cocky.

We’ve always found one thing about the far left to be very admirable.  They never give up.  They have a level of commitment to their long term agenda that is not just unmatched on the right, it’s unknown.

The left hates guns.  They really hate the fact that we can own guns.  They are committed to not just eliminating your right to own and carry a gun, and they won’t quit until, like in England and Australia, private ownership of a firearm is outlawed and weapons are confiscated and destroyed.

Something popped up today, and you can bet it’ll be under-reported, and it reinforces the fact that war on the 2nd Amendment isn’t anywhere close to over for the left.

There is nothing [in ATF or OMB’s website links addressing the change in policy]that supports the requirement that ATF collect race-based information.” … Laura Murphy, the American Civil Liberties Union director for legislative affairs in Washington, said in an emailed statement.

Please note that the ATF, a bureaucracy that is part of the “most transparent administration in history,” declined to comment on the reason they are collecting the information.  They don’t have to, they’re “the gummit.”  And just where is the NAACP?  They should be filing lawsuits over racial profiling by the Obama administration.  Where are they?

Both the NAACP and the National Council of La Raza — the nation’s largest national Hispanic civil rights group — declined comment.

You’re probably saying, “Hey Curmudgeon, you’re paranoid!”  Well maybe, but just because we’re paranoid doesn’t mean that somebody is not out to get us.

The 4473 form is supposed to be kept in a gun retailer’s possession at all times — allowing ATF agents to inspect the form only during the course of a criminal investigation or during a random audit of the dealer. The form is to be kept out of the hands of the government, hence the distinction between “sales/transaction form” and “registration form.” But that isn’t always the case, gun rights advocates say.

“We’ve been contacted by several dealers saying ATF is or has been making wholesale copies of their 4473 forms, and it’s just not legal,” said Erich Pratt, spokesman for Gun Owners of America, a gun advocacy group. “If this is what they’re doing somewhat out in the open, what’s going on behind closed doors? Are these names and demographic information getting phoned [in and]punched into a government computer? Do they ever come out?”

Are you willing to believe what ATF and any administration tells you about information they have?  We’re not.  We don’t trust Republicans any more than we trust Democrats when it comes the overreach of government.



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