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E.R. Nurse Guilty of What!? …with Patients!?


Imagine, if you will, lying on a hospital bed in the E.R. of an Oregon hospital. You’ve got a broken back or you’ve just had a miscarriage. evil nurseYou’ve been sedated. You are finally resting in relative comfort.

And then some perverted nurse has his way with you sexually. Not the kind of TLC you were expecting, is it?

Believe it or not, a nurse in Oregon was engaging in a smorgasbord of sexual activities on patients in his care for years before he was found out.

Fortunately, he’s going to prison at last. Unfortunately, rape and sodomy charges were dropped in a plea deal.

More details here, h/t: MSN News

An Oregon nurse pleaded guilty on Tuesday to sexually abusing women in a Portland hospital’s emergency room and is expected to be sentenced to 15 years in prison under terms of a deal with prosecutors, a court administrator said.


Jeffrey McAllister, 39, was accused of assaulting nine patients and a hospital colleague at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center between 2009 and 2013, including two woman hospitalized for miscarriages, several with psychological problems and one immobilized by a broken back, charging documents show.


He was indicted last year after a complaint by one victim prompted a police investigation. Initially, he was accused of assaulting three women, but seven others came forward later to say they too had been victimized.


McAllister pleaded guilty to seven counts of felony sex abuse, one count of unlawful sexual penetration, one count of attempted sex abuse and one count of patronizing a prostitute, a court administrator said.


Rape, sodomy and other charges were dismissed as part of the plea deal. He will be formally sentenced later this month.


Eight of McAllister’s victims are suing Legacy Emanuel for failing to investigate the nurse despite multiple patient complaints. That civil trial is scheduled to start in 2015.


“We are glad that the criminal case has been resolved,” Legacy Health, the parent company of the hospital where McAllister worked, said in a statement. “All of the caregivers at Legacy Health will continue to focus their efforts on providing high quality care for all of our patients.”

Three  questions, How the hell could all these incidents have happened in the first place? Where were all the other hospital personnel when McAllister was sodomizing and raping these women? And why didn’t administrators  investigate immediately and thoroughly?

And, excuse me, Legacy Health, what do you mean all of your caregivers “will continue to provide high quality care”? Your flat, generic statement reeks of politically correct B.S.   Oregon health care consumers deserve much better than that.

No wonder the victims are suing Legacy Emanuel. Shame on you for your disgusting lack of protocol on behalf of your vulnerable patrons!


THBby T.M. Burroughs


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