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Does the military trust their Commander-in-Chief?


Well, according to former Navy SEAL Carl Higbee, the answer is a resounding “NO!”  Higbee estimates that 90% of the US military does not support the Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Obama.  Here’s Higbee talking with Greta van Sustren.

Higbee has been on the ground in Iraq, he knows the quality of the troops in Iraq, and he knows what it will take to “defeat – not “degrade” – an enemy like ISIS.  Sending 3,000 troops to “fight” Ebola won’t do it. 

His estimate is that 90% of the military don’t support the President, and by extension, his policies.  We have no idea if that’s a good number.  We would suspect that it’s on the high side, but probably not by much.  For instance, we’re pretty sure that the generals and admirals who are charged with putting women in combat billets, who are recruiting homosexuals, who are pushing for “equal opportunity” for transgenders and God knows who else are probably solidly behind the President.  No pun intended.

As for the guys who have to do the actual fighting and dying, it’s our guess that only their sense of duty to their country and their commitment to their comrades-in-arms keeps them ready to go. 

Higbee lays out, in general, what it will take to beat a force like ISIS.  And they can be defeated, just not with threatening talk that nobody believes.  For instance, we read that the Air Force flew about 200 sorties against ISIS to get them to back off the slaughter of the Yadzis in the mountains in Iraq.  To put that in perspective, in the first Gulf War in 1993 we flew about 1,000 sorties and in the second ,in 2003, we flew about 2,000 per day.  Per day.  That’s a little closer to what a “war” looks like.

In addition to an air “war” that isn’t, we’re also being told that the President’s plan to train somebody in Syria will take six months and yield about 5,000 fighters.  Our son, who was a SpOps Marine from 2001 to 2005, started boot camp in March of 2001.  He graduated on June 15, 2001.  He completed his infantry training in August and his training as a medium machine gunner in October.  He rotated into the fleet for his first assignment in mid-November.  At that point, he had enough tactical knowledge to be a combat infantry Marine.  He learned how to actually do his job over the next six months of intensive training under the guidance of very experiences NCOs and senior enlisted Marines.

Take a bunch of farmers and doctors and store owners – to paraphrase the President’s description of the “New Syrian Army,” put them in uniform, and train them for six months with no experienced NCOs and no senior combat soldiers and you’ve got a well armed boy scout troop minus the dedication and commitment.  It takes ten years to make a good NCO.  It takes two plus to make a good senior combat soldier.  There are close to zero in the NSA right now.  The US is, according to the President, only providing advisers at the brigade level.  Brigade level officers don’t get shot at and do any shooting. 

When the shooting actually starts, the NSA will get slaughtered, through no real fault of their own, Barack Obama needs some optics that pretend like he’s a tough guy and they’re going to pay for those optics with their lives.

Oh, and we wonder who will be the first soldier/sailor/Marine to die from Ebola.  We wonder if the President will hand out Combat Infantry Badges to those sent to fight the disease?  And while we’re asking questions that won’t be answered, what the hell are those soldiers/sailors/Marines actually going to DO?  Will the President send more troops if he somehow deems it “necessary?”  What is “necessary,” being 10 points down in the polls going into November?

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