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The Devil is Laughing


The devil does not announce himself.

You may think that Satan is some guy with horns, a pointed tail, filed down teeth and one of those jazzy black beards, but that’s just man’s version of Satan. When he’s around, it’s a little more subtle than that.

The Bible says Satan is the great deceiver and if that’s the case, my guess is he doesn’t have any desire to reveal himself directly to you, because if he did – the whole concept of temptation would be a whole lot easier to reject.

When you’re about to take that extra drink before you go home, if a scary red dude with the pitch fork showed up wielding a waitresses tray, a big smile and a long island ice tea – you’d probably call a cab and get the H.E.Double-hockey-sticks out of there.

kimSame with television, movies or any other number of mediums where Satan, dressed up in popular culture shows up to fool you into thinking everything is fine. It’s not. He’s there, laughing at his deception.

I’m not trying to pick on anyone or call them evil or Satanic, but let’s be honest: Why are you watching The Kardashians? Am I saying they are bad people? No, but does whatever network putting that out, deal in the marketing of idle hands? Yes.

Step back and take a look around you: Are there a bunch of devils running around stabbing people in the ass and throwing fire at them? That would be too easy to identify and involve far less controversy.

Already people are getting mad at me for bringing up The Kardashians, believe me – but I’m trying to make a point here: Kim Kardashian is simply a beautiful girl, who no one can figure out what she does and why everyone is interested in her… Okay, there’s that, but you know what I’m saying.

Why would you sit and watch her and her family while everything around us swirls down the toilet? The devil is laughing, my friends and that’s because you can’t see him and what he’s doing all around us. It’s everywhere.

In the past few weeks, I’ve watched the NFL strain, wiggle, lie and twist themselves into legal pretzels trying to keep various players on the field, despite them engaging in violence against their wives, girlfriends and even their children. All these millionaires would rather win a game, blame the victims and go home to sleep on beds of money – rather than identifying what to me is obvious:

dana-carvey-snlWe’re going to watch the NFL en masse and the devil is right there – teaching everyone how punching a woman’s lights out or beating a four-year-old bloody with a tree branch is perfectly okay, as long as we win on Sunday. It’s bad, and it’s – as Dana Carvey used to say – SATAN?

Again, I’m not trying to pick on individuals or call them names, but when society doesn’t recognize these things as an accumulation of sick, sad and evil – we’re on the road to destruction. It’s a great deception and we are falling for it.

There was a story on JoeForAmerica this week about video games which involved the opportunity to sexually assault young girls – physically – as part of the “fun.” It’s bad enough when the best-selling games are just a matter of how many people you can slaughter in the most creative ways, but now this?

I’m no prude, but have you been to a junior high school lately? Half the little girls (that’s right – 12, 13-years-old is a little girl) dress like hookers. They’re wearing hooker uniforms and it’s embarrassing. girls2I’m a man and no man can pretend he doesn’t see a woman with her breasts hanging out and her pants down past her hip bones.

I don’t want to see young girls in a sexual light, but they’ve been taught this is the way to get attention.

You going to tell me those girls did not learn all this from TV, movies and other pop culture mediums which seek to sexualize children? It’s been going on for the past 25 years and now we’re watching the results. It’s not a red guy with a pointy beard and a trident but he’s there. Laughing.

These folks responsible for perpetuating it wouldn’t let their own kids engage in the behavior they foist on the rest of us – but they’ll take the money and that’s Satan in line at the bank. Laughing.

Smart phones and online connectivity have made it possible for kids and adults to disconnect from the world and live in a virtual one – which has a different set of rules: You can engage in idol gossip, phony and empty relationships, operate anonymously and interact with far less responsibility than in the past.

I’m not blaming the machines or technology. I’m blaming evil. Evil that fools you into believing you have 1,874 Friends, evil that says it’s okay to flirt with the guy in Indiana who showers you with compliments, or the evil that tempts your daughter to email a naked photo of herself to some boy she’s enamored with.

It’s reflected in our leadership as well. When was the last time a politician was actually penalized for lying? It’s a way of life for them to deceive and wiggle out of what they said or did. Lying is part and parcel of how our President operates and the evil runs downhill, folks.

Until we recognize the devil – out of uniform – we’re rolling downhill.


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