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Customer Asks for Bacon – KFC Muslim Employee: “F**K YOU BI*CH”


We keep hearing about how Islam is the “religion of peace” and how all these so-called moderate Muslims are appalled at the so-called radical Islamists.  We have issues with both of those ideas.

If “all” those moderates were really appalled, they’d be in the streets demonstrating against ISIS, etc.  Many major European cities have very large minority Muslim populations.  Dearborn, MI for one, here in the US, has a relatively huge Muslim population.  When was the last time you saw even a small demonstration confronting the “radicals?”  When was the last time you saw a representative of a Muslim organization – CAIR comes to mind – on the Sunday Shows criticizing the animals who are routinely beheading adults and children?  Where are the Imams putting out fatwas on the butchers?

Answer?  Never.  Frankly, we’ve come to the conclusion that Muslims and civil society don’t mix.

Today’s example comes from Sydney, Australia.  It seems that the Muslims in Sydney protested to KFC that their sandwiches with bacon were offensive.  KFC promptly removed bacon from their menus.  Case closed, right?  Not even close.  Here’s what happened when an unsuspecting customer asked for bacon on her chicken sandwich.  Language warning.

This representative of the “religion of peace” not only does not eat bacon himself, it’s apparently a huge personal affront and he attacks an unsuspecting infidel (who probably wasn’t dressed properly either) for having the audacity to offend the Prophet by ordering it.

The obvious conclusion is this:  Muslims think this is a good thing…

And Muslims think this is a bad thing.

As we noted earlier, the more we see of them in action the more we know that Muslims and civil society are mutually exclusive.



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