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Cover Girl Gets Twitter-Punked For Ravens Ad


Since this weekend, makeup marketing giant Cover Girl has found itself caught up in the whole Ray Rice – NFL – spousal abuse maelstrom, thanks to a Twitter-driven mockery-turned-hate campaign.

It’s funny how as a business you work hard to produce quality products, and you gain an affiliation with the NFL to market your NFL-team-themed line of products. Then you wake up one morning and now the hate is raining down and people want to boycott you.

Here is the original ad, a make-up scheme set to match Baltimore Ravens colors.

Cover Girl

Some cutey-pie on Twitter now photo-shopped a black eye on the girl.

Cover Girl

OK, I actually thought this had a grim humor to it. Ray Rice was a Baltimore Raven player who punched out his fiancee in an elevator. When the video went public, the Ravens cut him, and the NFL banned him from the league. But this picture is still funny in that way.

But as happens on the Left, it’s never enough to poke a little fun, or make a point. It has to be overdone, overblown, and they never stop until there is blood on the ground. Somewhere down the line, the picture got hash=tagged with #GoodellMustGo and this picture went viral.

So far I have no issue with this new phenomenon. Many people feel that Goodell already new, or should have surmised what happened in the elevator. I’m one of them, although I’m not (particularly) on the #GoodellMustGo bandwagon. But so far the viral picture is just a fairly clever form of public protest by people in the public, against something they object to. Fine. Retweeting that shows that you have an opinion about it.

But what is the justification for this third version? How is this now a Cover Girl problem? What possible justification can be made for boycotting Cover Girl?

cover girl

Now you are beyond protest. The mob has taken over, and they want blood.

(h/t HuffPo)


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