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No Corpse… You’re going to Jail Anyway


corpseIn yet another episode of WTH is going on with law enforcement:

H/T Mass Live

A Connecticut man is in jail…

…after allegedly posting a photo to a social networking website said to be of him and a “decayed corpse.”

So his “friends” call the cops who investigate and determine…

the online post was indeed a hoax.

So instead of saying, “Sorry for the inconvenience sir, have a good day,” Mr. Mayo is in jail… For what you may ask?

Not finding the humor in the online post which prompted an emergency response, Mayo was charged with second-degree breach of peace. He was arrested and held in lieu of $250 bail waiting arraignment.

In conclusion, I must say that I find it pretty depressing that a neighbor or a friend could call the police and give them some information that piques their interest and the next thing you know you are in jail for no reason at all.

Where I used to live, the neighbors were dragging dead people in and out all the time, and I never called the cops… granted it was a funeral home. As a matter of fact right now I am watching a couple people hitting an egg of an endanger species around in my back yard with sticks… Never mind that’s the 18th green. In today’s world, an active imagination could land those poor golfers in jail.

Halloween is coming up, I hope that you keep this story in mind before you post any pictures to social media of you and you’re friends in costume. We don’t want any of our readers in jail for breaching the peace.


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