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Common Core Math: An Un-Common Core Disaster – The Definitive Explanation


From my man Ken Brolin in Florida: A state board of education member said this was one of the clearest explanations against Common Core Math that she has read, and I agree… It appears that Common Core is not being implemented in a consistent (or common) way across the United States.


I became a math teacher by a circuitous route.  My degree is in engineering.  I spent five and a half years refurbishing nuclear submarines, and then I quit work to bear, rear, and eventually homeschool our three children.

As a homeschool mom, I participated in co-ops, taking turns teaching groups of homeschooled children subjects such as nature study and geography. As our children entered their teen years, I began teach to teach algebra, trig, and calculus to small classes of homeschoolers at my kitchen table.  And as our children left home for their four-year universities, two to major in engineering and one in art, I began teaching in small private schools known as classical academies.

This last year, I have also been tutoring public-school students in Common Core math, and this summer I taught a full year of Common Core Algebra 2 compressed into six weeks at an expensive, ambitious private school. 

This last year was my first experience first tutoring, then teaching Common Core, and I was curious.  I had read the reports of elementary-school children crying over their homework and staying up past midnight to complete it, so I expected Common Core to be like Everyday Math, Mathland, and CPM: poorly explained, abstruse, confusing.  I was correct on those counts.

What surprised me was that Common Core was also hard. The homework can be finished in an hour if the student’s parents can afford to hire a BS mechanical engineer to sit at his elbow and remind him when he takes a wrong turn.  Otherwise, he is up ’til midnight.  Students work hard at tasks beyond their strength; they flounder; they fail; they learn that math is no fun.

This isn’t education. This is child abuse.

Continue reading at The American Thinker – HERE

Marx said it out loud: Get the kids away from parents. If they don’t, they can’t win.

And for those of you still in denial about the left in America not wanting to literally take your children from you, have the State raise them, brainwash them and have them turn on you and serve the collective – Liberals are officially out of the Marxist closet and saying it like it is:

Maybe it’s because of the wildly successful Obama Administration run that they’ve begun a more honest dialogue with the American people about their intentions or perhaps they think they need to be more direct? Who knows? It could be they just don’t believe you’ll do anything about it – could you blame them?

What have you done to stop them over the past 60 years? Look at what goes on in colleges across America? .. Oh yeah, that’s right, you haven’t a clue. Well, we are kinda busy, what with jobs, careers, families, watching The Walking Dead, etc. But certainly you’ve been attending your local school board meetings and going to your kids Parent / Teacher nights and checking out the new Common Core text books, no? No? Hmm.


by Rodney Lee Conover

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