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Colorado Students March Out to Protest Patriotism


Students in suburban Denver proved Tuesday that you can lead a victim of liberal brainwashing to water, but you can’t make him think.

Hundreds of students walked out of classes on Tuesday, in protest of a proposal before the county schoolboard that would change the history curriculum to include lessons that teach about positive aspects of the United States, promote civic duty and instill patriotism.

The students naturally were mimicking their teachers, who have already staged two sickouts to protest the idea of turning children into well-adjusted, happy citizens.

With all due respect to the little cherubs who carried signs insisting that “Nothing is more patriotic than protest,” your teachers should have instead taught you that defending the Constitution, respecting the Declaration of Independence, following the rule of law, loving your country and obtaining an education that extends beyond knowing how to Google stuff and text message your friends are among the many things that are more patriotic than protest.

Americans have done their share of protesting, to be sure. But it’s only justified when someone or several someones are getting away with breaking the law. Even then, it’s preferable to write or telephone your representatives, to set up meetings with officials, to educate your community and finally to vote.

Protesting should not be the go-to tactic, as it is with the Left, because it’s a mean-spirited intimidation tactic, too often used to bully people into doing something and shutting down rational debate.

But to march out of classes and protest a curriculum change to teach you the meaning of patriotism, all while claiming to be acting in a patriotic manner? That’s called irony, kids.

It’s also called ingratitude and ignorance, along with a few other choice words.

And allowing yourselves to be used by your teachers in service of a political agenda that regularly uses protest as a means to destroy patriotism and bring down our republic (not a democracy)? That, children, is called being a “useful idiot,” a term attributed to a man named Josef Stalin, a dictator.

A dictator is someone who puts himself above the law and rules the people around him through intimidation.

That’s a lot like the current president, Barack Obama, who illegally uses executive orders to enact laws when Congress won’t give him what he wants.

By the way, he represents the same party most of your teachers belong to, the one they don’t want you to protest because they say that would be unpatriotic.

That’s called a double standard, or hypocrisy.

Let’s call it a class, kids. For your homework, read the Declaration and the Constitution, then say the Pledge of Allegiance before school.


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