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Christians: Long Fuse – Big Bang


Christians are really the only group you can legally and openly discriminate against in every forum – public and private – with very little worry about any significant ramifications.

But folks, I’m telling you – it’s getting to the end by Rodney Lee Conover

Kids are sent home from school for wearing a T-shirt printed with a Psalm or for saying; “Bless You.” Members of the military – high-ranking, long-standing officers – who have served their country admirably, with excellence, valor and courage have been drummed out for reading the Bible in their off-time.


“Merry Christmas” is being outlawed. People are losing their livelihoods for the temerity to think that marriage is between one man and one woman. And now we have a president who does nothing while hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Middle East are being starved and slaughtered in a clear case of genocide.

Barack Obama claims he is a Christian but he is not. You can stick a branch in your eye but it doesn’t make you a tree.

You may dislike Tiger Woods, but he was always very quick to honor his mother when people called him a “black” golfer by reminding them his father was black and his mom is Asian. I have never, ever once heard Barack Obama honor his mother in the same way. It’s un-Christian.

It’s always “Dreams of my Father” – never a peep about; “I’m sure lucky there were some folks from Kansas there to pick up the slack..” I’ve never even seen a photo of this cat’s white grandmother who apparently helped raise him; but his dad – the dead-beat polygamist who abandoned you – is the greatest guy since Will Rogers?

Look, I know you don’t pick your parents and a son is not responsible for the sins of his father (that there’s from the Bible), but stop with the platitudes about race. Officially, we got our first black President and it’s been a disaster, so can we please move on to the first female President, already?

I didn’t vote for Barack Obama in 2008, but I wasn’t wild about the alternative either and when he was elected, I felt a great sense of pride as America attempted to put this chapter of racial discrimination behind us. Very much in the Christian spirit, America knows it’s not perfect – but we’re always tweaking things to try and get better. That’s Christian conservatism: The history of what works by trial and error…


… It is in that spirit, I’ll say this: A vote for Barack Obama for President in 2008 was an act of pure optimism. A vote in 2012 to re-elect him was an act of pure delirium.

We have to start telling it like it is and simply call him a liar every single time he lies or every single time he opens his mouth – which ever comes first – so here you go: He is anything but a Christian, in fact – he’s an enemy of Christianity around the globe and here in ‘merica.

Obama mocks conservative Americans, Christians and even pits Federal agencies against them to violate their civil rights and all anti-Christians are emboldened by this Administration’s example.

It sounds like a little thing, but I’m on my favorite airline the other day and they’re showing a stupid video skit they produced about safety and not smoking in the john and one of the singer/dancers is dressed like a nun. If they did that with any other group’s icon, symbol or representative it would be wrong, but hey – it’s the Christians – so whatever!

I should get over it, right?

christian_soldier_front_Doesn’t it ever strike you as odd that the lion’s share of Christians don’t throw a hissy fit when they’re openly mocked, day-in and day-out in TV and film? See what I did there with the lions?

We don’t kill people who draw cartoons or do stand-up comedy about Jesus? We don’t insist you be fired for being decidedly bigoted against Christians?

But things have changed: We are about to Awake, O sleeper, take up the cross, run toward the noise and have a little Come to Jesus of our own with these “convert or die” madcaps. Some background:

We have been attacked on our own soil, my fellow ‘mericans.

9-11? It was in all the papers.

Then after all the gajillions spent and time wasted, the goofy NSA, DHS, FBI and whoever else was too busy reading my emails, couldn’t track down two Chechen teenagers in Boston who set off the marathon bombs – despite having their names, addresses, social security numbers and heads-up from the Russians about their intentions?

Despite old ladies and little kids in wheel chairs getting patted down at the airport, undercover officials regularly smuggle guns, knives and whatever else on planes whenever they test the TSA system. What a joke. Grope this, you grumpy mall-cop wannabees.

And now these Sharia-loving lunatics are coming here en masse and the FBI can’t tell us who’s the terrorist and who’s the refugee? The border is not secure, ISIS is on the move, the culture is sloppy (be honest) and we have a weak President who golfs while Christian children are being starved and tortured. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Let me tell you something my friend, this Shiite will not last. Yes, we turn the other cheek, but we only have two.

Discriminate against us freely because we’re nice people and unlike most groups – we won’t blow up your place of business, blacklist you or slice your head off on YouTube.

But guess what? Long fuse; big boom.

Buddy, if you think you can rape and kill Christians across the globe, pervert our daughters and sons in perpetuity and blaspheme our Lord and Savior with impunity – you have something to learn and learn it you shall: The hard way.

When we are pushed too far – and that day is very near – it is Onward Christian Soldiers. I don’t know if you’ve picked up a history book lately, but every now and again Christians stand up and put the boat back on course and when it happens you do not want to be on the wrong team, pal.

We will not hide behind women and children, we will not target the helpless. We will strap on the armor of Christ and there will be no mercy. We will be the instruments of God’s righteous wrath.

Too late for apologies when we are Marching as to War. With the Cross of Jesus. Going on Before.

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