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Breaking: Mother of Beheading Suspect Releases Video… NOT MY SON!


The mother and sister of Alton Nolen, the suspect in the beheading attack in Moore, Oklahoma, issued a video statement Sunday to the world, to speak to their side of the story and to address the families of the victims. The mother did most of the talking. They did not read from a script.

They are in understandably in shocked disbelief. They are not in denial, though it’s clear they want to believe that something, anything will turn up that will explain it all in a way that makes sense. “Two sides of every story”, and “we are praying that justice will prevail.”

While saying she raised Alton up to believe in God, the mom faces up as well to what has clearly happened:

I want to apologize to both families, because this is not Alton.

This mother is grieving, and she is dealing with something unthinkable: the highly likely prospect that her son has committed an extraordinarily heinous act, and that it is a reflection back on her. Yet the defining moment of this video is the apology to the families. By doing so, with no conditions, no deflection of blame, she acknowledges the real victims, and she accepts a degree of responsibility – something her son, the actual perpetrator, will never do.

This monster was not born like this; he was not raised like this. He became like this, due to Islam.


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