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Black Teen shot Killed by Cops in Louisiana: Here We Go Again


Here we go again: A Black teen shot dead by police in Louisiana..

Thank god we re-elected the First Black President: The man who promised upon promises that he was going to unite this country – there will be no red states, no blue states, no black, no white – he was the great uniter.

This country is as polarized by race as it was in the 60’s. We are going backwards and it stinks from the top down with race-baiting as a way of life and a spectator sport by the media.

has this story over at Liberty Unyielding:

lou2A black teenager was shot dead during an altercation with a black police officer investigating reports of armed males entering an abandoned house in a small city near New Orleans, Louisiana state police.

No need to alert Al Sharpton, who is probably already aboard a plane to Terrebonne Parish, La.

Forgive my seeming insensitivity to the death of another black child, again at the hands of law enforcement.

If I sound cynical it is because another even younger black child named Antonio Smith, Jr., is also dead, but the story of his untimely shooting death scarcely raised eyebrows.

Why? Because he was gunned down by black gang members in Chicago who mistook him for a lookout for a rival gang. Antonio, who was 9 at the time of his passing in August, was cut down in a hail of bullets.

But there have been no marches to protest his brutal and senseless murder, no “Justice for Antonio” signs, no speeches. Will the race hucksters and their enablers in the media pounce all over the police shooting of Cameron Tillman? Just you wait.

The (black) teen who was killed was identified as Cameron Tillman by family members near the scene of the incident. The altercation between the Terrebonne Parish deputy and the alleged intruders was inside a home in a heavily residential area of Houma, about 57 miles southwest of New Orleans..






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