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Is the Bible still accurate?


To answer this question we need to begin with the understanding that as Christians our trust is grounded in the Lord Jesus Christ. While we have many reasons to accept and believe that the Bible is accurate, we can never fully prove it to be so because we do not have the original manuscripts. But what we do have is the promise of God to preserve His Word (Matthew 4:4). This is perhaps an even greater blessing. We think that it would be great to have the original manuscripts so we could prove to the world that the Bible is true. However, if that were so, we would be trusting in the proof of those original manuscripts. Instead, we are trusting our God. Our faith is built on trust in Jesus Christ. He is the foundation from which all our understanding and reasoning comes. Therefore, we walk in faith knowing that He promised to preserve His Word and that His Word is true.

“Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth” (John 17:17).

Beginning with that understanding that our trust is first in the God of the Word, let’s address how we know that we can also trust the Word of God. The Bible has been translated into many languages and into multiple versions in differing languages. The answer to whether every translation of the Bible is 100% accurate, would certainly be, no. Some Bible translations are definitely more accurately translated than others.

The question asked is likely addressing the multitude of English language Bible available today, most of which are reliable and accurate translations, but some of which are not. In determining which translations are reliable and accurate, one must consider the methods of translation and the manuscripts from which a translation derive.

(H/T Kirk Cameron)


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