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Being President is Tough: Especially When You’ve Lost Your Home Town


The President’s hometown, Chicago, is getting ready to build a new “high achiever” high school.  When the project first came up, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel said it was going to be named for President Barack Obama.  Well, as it turns out, that promise had a shelf life shorter than “You can keep your health plan.  Period.”

Got that?  Bottom line, the school won’t be named for President Barack Obama because of racism.  Blacks in Chicago thought it was “inappropriate” for a school named after the President to be located in a predominately white neighborhood.  It must have really chaffed them to find out that Rahm wanted to build the Obama school almost next door to the Walter Peyton College Preparatory High School.  Obviously named for a famous white football player.  What?  Oh.

Perhaps the right thing to do would be to name a Head Start center, or maybe a Jobs Corps center.  We can’t figure out why anybody would name a “high achiever” high school after the preeminent low achiever of our time.

As we said, being President is tough.  Especially when the guy holding the office isn’t.



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