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beckett roerdinkBeckett Roerdink has a wish for his fourth birthday: He wants to get mail. Lots of it.

His mother, Melanie, also has a wish for his birthday — that her son, who was diagnosed with an incurable cancer last year, is here to celebrate his fifth birthday.

“He loves mail, so any time he gets mail he gets super excited,” Roerdink of Greenville said. “It would just be so awesome if he would just get a bunch of cards for his birthday.”

His birthday is Wednesday, so please get your card in the mail now! Send mail to Beckett Roerdink, W6871 Sunnyvale Lane Apartment E, Greenville, WI 54942.  

Your letters and cards may not get there on Beckett’s birthday, but I bet they will still be appreciated!

Please share with everyone that you can, I would love to see another story with a smile on Beckett’s face from ear to ear. A short note and a stamp is all it takes to make that happen!

You can read the entire story here.


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