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5 Amazing Hollywood Men You Should Know About


In a world that seems to be going to hell in a hand basket and the hand basket is Made In China, meet 5  Hollywood men whose faces may never grace the cover of GQ but whose lives speak so loudly that you can’t hear a word they’re saying:

52Army Military Police Sergeant Bryan Anderson, author of NO TURNING BACK, One Man’s Inspiring, True Story of Courage, Determination and Hope, was awarded a Purple Heart after surviving a 2005 IED attack while stationed in Baghdad.

He is one of only a few surviving triple amputees to return home from Iraq. Bryan currently travels the globe as a motivational speaker and National Spokesman for Quantum Rehab and USA Cares, a non-profit that assists post 911 veterans in times of need.

He has appeared on “60 Minutes,” “All My Children,” “The Wrestler,” and “CSI:NY.” When visiting with us one night for dinner, he captivated us as he suddenly started doing one arm pushups using his wheelchair. Talk about strength and an amazing will to thrive? This guy wrote the book. Literally.

53Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Author, Recovery Counselor and Consultant, Gary “Rusty” Fleming, has dedicated his life to declaring a war on drugs.

Recognized by national media as an expert on Mexican drug cartels, Fleming regularly reports for Fox and CNN. In “Drug Wars: Silver or Lead”, Rusty was embedded with the Gulf Cartel, putting his own life at risk to uncover the truth.

His latest documentary, “Operation Detour” has been a powerful tool for law enforcement and educators in deterring drug use in our schools. Wanting to help after 911, Fleming dedicated a year at Ground Zero, feeding first responders and volunteers from his big Texas rig and makeshift BBQ.

A former drug addict and alcoholic, Rusty established “Ranch on the Rock” and provides room and board to recovering addicts as long as they stay sober, attend Bible study sessions and participate in daily community service projects. In his spare time, he volunteers tirelessly as the Public Information Officer for Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Department in Hudspeth County, Texas.

57Co-Director, Co-Writer of docudrama “America” and “2016: Obama’s America, “ John Sullivan, may not be as recognizable as Dinesh D’Souza but he is magical when it comes to hooking our emotions and engaging us in dialogue and debate.

He captures the audience through amazing story telling and quality filmmaking.  Two months later, I still cannot stop thinking about Madam C.J. Walker, the first black female self-made millionaire in America.

Her story was so empowering and inspiring but I did not meet one person at the Hollywood premiere screening that night who had ever even heard of her!  (Now that’s a piece of history that is conveniently absent from our children’s common core curriculum.) Paying it forward, John reaches out to and mentors young conservative filmmakers because someone once did that for him.  Thank you for your role model, John, and for your invaluable contributions to Hollywood!

rodney on tapEditor of Joe For America and Producer of “The Flipside” TV Show, Rodney Lee Conover, is a man of integrity with an immensely kind heart. He is a champion of limited government, freedom and the Constitution.

He recently resigned from his run for Congress in California’s 8th District to return to Chicago to care for his ailing father. He addressed his supporters in a letter on his website, “ I was faced with a decision to put the welfare of my father ahead of what promised to be an exciting race for Congress…My father served this country, raised a family and now it is time for me to help him through this terrible crisis.…I’ll be back shaking hands and kissing babies soon.” Now, when was the last time you heard of someone who left their campaign to care for their declining parent? That’s a man I’d vote for in a heartbeat!

A former ballet dancer, bull rider, musician, “Growing Pains” sit com actor and award-winning filmmaker, Christopher Burgard, is a bit of a Renaissance Man. ChrisBurgard

He was a co-founder and head wrangler for “Inner City Slickers,” a charity that teaches horse skills and the cowboy code to inner city youth.

Born 100 years too late, Burgard enjoys training horses and wine-making in his spare time. He captured national attention and twice screened his documentary, “Border” for Congress.

Later, he was the first English-speaking journalist to interview President Micheletti during the 2009 Honduran regime change. As 2012 Presidential Candidate Herman Cain’s Senior Head of Strategic Media and Messaging, Burgard used humor and out of the box marketing to launch Cain from a mere 7% name i.d. to 84%. (Without spending a dime on national media.)

He cleverly weaves a story and invokes debate with a uniquely humorous approach to politics and life. Troubled by the recent reports that unaccompanied minor children were flooding across our southern border, Burgard traveled back to the border to investigate. He is contemplating a sequel, “Back to the Border”( to reveal the disturbing truths inside this ‘disaster by design.” (P.S. He’s my favorite Hollywood man because this cowboy happens to be my husband.)


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Lisa Burgard was born and raised in Danville, Virginia but made the move after college to the big apple as a TWA JFK-based flight attendant. Transitioning to Director of Dior's Flagship Boutique on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, she traveled twice to Paris for the fashion week buy. She was recruited by competitor, CHANEL, to manage their sales team where she enjoyed a fast pace with some of the world's leading celebrities, business and political clientele. After meeting her husband, Chris, she relocated to the West Coast where together they formed Little Bonanza Productions. Their 2007 award-winning documentary, Border, screened for Congress and the Senate. They share a 13 acre ranch outside of Los Angeles with four horses, three cats, four dogs, thirty seven chickens, a donkey, a parrot and their designer-aspiring, ballet dancing ten year old daughter.

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