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Winning the war against fracking in Colorado


Hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, is making the US an energy independent nation. It’s made energy the only bright spot in Barack Obama’s dismal economy even though the Obama administration, “environmentalists,” and Democrats everywhere have been trying to stop it for the last six years. The President likes to boast about how “he” has made the US energy independent, but that just a lie. What did you expect.

The evidence that fracking is safe is so overwhelming, even the EPA has backed off trying to shut it down.

The latest front in the war on fracking is Colorado. Colorado has huge energy reserves that can be tapped with fracking. Out of state environmentalists and California transplants have bee working with Colorado’s Democrats – including their US Senator running for reelection Mark Udall – have been fighting fracking despite the fact that it will provide thousands of jobs and will produce millions in tax revenue for the state.

There’s an anti-fracking initiative on the ballot in November in Colorado and it could have been a shoo-in. Not so much any more.

Gov. John Hickenlooper and other influential Colorado Democrats announced they are pulling their support from November ballot initiatives that would severely restrict oil and natural gas production using hydraulic fracturing. In addition to imposing extensive setbacks in residential areas, the initiatives would give local communities authority to ban fracking.

There is widespread support in Colorado for fracking, although big environmental money could have made the initiative a winner. Republicans, in an unusual move, got out in front on fracking when Republican Senatorial candidate Cory Gardner went on the attack. He’s had help from the folks who produced this great ad.

There’s another great version of it featuring a Russian billionaire and they’re both making an impact.

Fracking, and Cory Gardner’s outspoken support of it, has put him within 1.5 points of Udall, well within the margin of error, especially when you consider that as time passes more and more Republicans are seeming to be willing to crawl through broken glass to defeat Democrats in November.


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