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Will We See Justice Or Politically Sanctioned Racism


Everyday someone, somewhere is murdered.

You read a quick write up in your local paper or catch it on your local news program.

michael brownIf you are like me, you may say a prayer for the families involved and then thank GOD your family is ok. Then you move on with your day.

Unfortunately there are people looking to take advantage of other peoples pain.

Politicians and Race Baiters…

Lets bring you up to speed.

An unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown was shot and killed Saturday, August 9th by a police officer in suburban St. Louis. The officer in question has been put on paid leave pending an investigation. The only information released about the police officer in question was he sustained an injury during this altercation.

The officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri was injured in the alleged altercation, according to Ferguson Chief of Police Tom Jackson.

Jackson, who spoke on the phone with News 4’s Laura Hettiger Wednesday morning, said the officer “was hit” and the “side of his face was swollen.”  The chief did not say if the officer suffered any broken bones.

Police said shortly after the shooting that 18-year-old Michael Brown was walking with a friend in the middle of Canfield when an officer attempted to exit his vehicle. Police said Brown pushed the officer back into the police car. According to police, Brown then entered the officer’s vehicle and a struggle ensued over the officer’s weapon.  Police said during the physical altercation a shot was fired inside of the car.

Witnesses to the shooting, however,told a different story. A friend of Brown’s told News 4 Saturday they were walking on the street when the officer approached them.  He said they had their arms up when police opened fire.

Politicians will want to be seen having something to do with this one way or another.

Race-baiters like Al Sharpton didn’t let any moss grow underneath his feet. Al “I want attention” Sharpton is front and center, using the death of a young black man to stay in the spotlight.

Personally I want justice! If this police officer murder this young man then this police office needs to go to jail. If this young man did something to make the police office fear for his life, then the parents will need to take responsibility for what has happened.

As of this second, the public does not have enough information to reach a conclusion. Unfortunately this will not keep people, politicians, or assholes race-baiters from trying this investigation in the media .





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