Wikipedia & Google Lies About Michael Brown

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Even Wikipedia loves themselves a good killing of blacks by whites.

The media as a whole gets downright aroused when a black is killed by a white. Any white. Black on black crime? Meh.. But if a black is shot by a white? That’s media-gold, even if the white is Hispanic – in the case of George Zimmerman, who kinda looked a little pale.

And if you throw in the man – as in the po-lice? Yeah, baby – get in there before the facts get out and get yourself some ratings and some preachin’ and some Jesse Jackson and lots of looting, rioting, civil rights protesting.

WikipediaBecause, you know, black kids are all innocent bystanders, murdered by overzealous, racist white pigs. Unless they’re not.

Our pal Dr. Schuetz ran across a Wikipedia page that has even gotten into the act. Here’s the sad scoop:

Hat tip LadyPatriots:

One of the first things that pop up when you type the name Michael Brown into google is a new Wikipedia page singing all the glories of this victim of a senseless crime perpetrated by a rouge trigger happy police officer. I must say I was very surprised when I read all the details of his life and death. Winston Churchill once said, “History is written by the victors.” In this case it appears to be in the process of being written by Wikipedia.

The Wikipedia article begins with:

“The shooting of Michael Brown occurred on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, United States, a suburb of St. Louis, described as one of the most racially segregated metropolitan areas in the country. Michael Brown Jr., an unarmed 18-year-old African American man, died after being shot at least six times by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who is Caucasian.”

Did you notice in the second sentence of this article that they focused on race? It described Michael Brown as “an unarmed 18-year-old African American man” from one of the most racially segregated metropolitan areas in the country and Darren Wilson as Caucasian. Nice lead-in. Way to set the mood for everything to follow since the agenda has obviously been to make this about race.

It continued with a glowing report of Michael’s family and the fact that he only graduated from high school one week before his death and was getting ready to go to Vatterott College, a technical school, on August 11, two days after he died. Every sentence in this very slanted report, also known as revisionist history, makes Michael Brown out to be an all American boy who was brutally murdered by a savage, out of control police officer trying to get the proverbial ‘notch in his belt.’

They even wrote their description of the autopsies with an obvious agenda. They went into great detail about the Independent Autopsy. Dr. Michael Baden, the former chief medical examiner for the City of New York performed a preliminary autopsy on August 17, 2014. He said that two of the shots appeared to have been delivered from a downward trajectory, thus strongly implying that Michael Brown was shot in a submissive position with his hands in the air. They went into great detail and speculation of the facts.

The County Autopsy had two sentences saying that the local Medical Examiner found six shots to his front. Then they said that Eric Holder ordered a Federal autopsy.

If you’re like me, and prone to not believe everything you read, you will find with the simplest google search that Wikipedia has missed a few steps in their coverage of this story.


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