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“White Privilege” Caused Michael Brown’s Death According to Michigan Teacher.. And Tea Party?


“White Privilege” is the catch-all for many teachers whenever there is a grey area in black and white relations:

It didn’t take long for activist teachers to begin exploiting the situation in Ferguson, teaching little kids how looters and rioters are just like revolutionaries, fighting for freedoms and liberty against a repressive government – and not just a bunch of opportunists looking for some free stuff.

mbLike Civil War reenactments that happen on a regular basis in America, a teacher in Alabama was suspended for having her students act out a skit in which, despite knowing any of the facts was meant to; “research how many times Brown was shot and where he was shot.”

Now, the burgeoning favorite “white privilege” is getting into the act as teachers begin to exploit the Michael Brown shooting to pound home that racial divide.

Hat tip: EAG.News

Mike Kaechele, a Grand Rapids, Michigan teacher says the incident, as well as resulting looting and rioting, are a good reminder that “institutional racism has always been” in America.

He writes on his “Concrete Classroom” blog:

The tragic event of the killing of MIchael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri have led to protests and rioting against police brutality. It brings to the surface (again) the institutional racism that has always been in our country. I think white privilege causes some to look at Ferguson as an excuse for criminal activity rather than a political protest. William Chamberlain tweeted a comment about the looting comparing it to the Boston Tea Party.

So “white privilege” causes people to look at the looting as “criminal activity” as opposed to a “political protest”?

Kaechele created this image and posted it on his website.



The teacher offered several questions to be asked, including:

*What are the similarities between the events?
*Why did the people in Boston dress up as Native Americans?
*What stereotypes does that show?
*What is institutional racism and how should it be addressed?
*Why is the image on the right called a “party”?
*The event on the right has been mythologized and treated as action by heroes. Do you think the event on the left will be?

Innocent small business owners – who have nothing to do with the police nor the incident – themselves were victimized by criminals who saw the teen’s death as an excuse to steal and destroy.

“John Zisser of Zisser Tire and Auto Services told the Business Journal that damage and inventory loss could top $100,000. He was able to open his doors after replacing broken windows with plywood board and hanging up a ‘Now Open’ banner,” the Washington Times reports.

It’s unclear whether Kaechele’s desired conclusion by students is that the events are, indeed, nothing like each other. But given his rhetoric about “white privilege” and “institutional racism,” he probably sees some moral equivalence.

To see more lessons by activist teachers, search #FergusonSyllabus on Twitter.

Public schools have become a hotbed for radicalizing students with a leftist/PC slant on about every issue of the day. Here in NC, during the 2012 election, a black teacher berated and screamed at a student for saying he favored Romney in the election. The teacher was briefly suspended (WITH PAY) but is now back indoctrinating students again. – Chris Beyer

Obviously they need to a refresher history course. Either that or they need to apologize to the students and admit their bias – Cathy Lee

Someone believed taxes on tea (and other imports) were unjustly raised to unreasonable rates with no recourse so they planned a protest and threw a shipment of tea into the harbor. Someone else thought an 18 year old man who just got done robbing a store and attacking an officer should not have been shot so they … ran out and stole some bottles of wine. The similarities here would be? – Ryan Carr



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