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VOTD 8-6-14


Jet ski collides into another jet

From Youtube about section:

Close call! Jet ski collides into another jet ski and flies into the air.

Terrifying moment out-of-control jet ski hurtled towards woman posing on beach before smashing into another jetski
This is the moment a holidaymaker narrowly escapes being hit by a jet ski as it flies through the air before crash landing on a beach.
The shocking collision was caught on video as an American tourist posed on a jet ski in the shallows for a picture with friends.
She can be seen waiting to have her snap taken, screaming and giggling with fear as she bobs about in the shallows.
Then as another jet ski carrying two passengers comes into view, the lucky tourist manages to leap off her stationary vehicle and run to safety, just before the collision.
As she takes her first steps away from the jet ski, the second watercraft crashes into the stationary vehicle before going flying into the air and crash-landing into the sand.
And as the male passengers stands up, leaving the female passenger immobile on the ground, someone can be heard asking: ‘Is she alright?
The video ends with the male resting his fellow passenger’s head in his lap as shocked holidaymakers look on.
It is not the first time jet skis have been involved in dramatic accidents on holiday beaches.
In March a British holidaymaker was killed in a jet ski accident in Thailand
Stephen Campbell, 38, from Blackpool, Lancashire, died in the tragic accident off Larn Island, in the east coast resort of Pattaya.
May also saw a young British man, believed to be from Bolton, killed in a jet ski accident in the United Arab Emirates.
The 26-year-old had been holidaying in the emirate of Sharjah, 30 miles north of Dubai.

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