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Utah Protesters Demand Justice for Dillon Taylor


White protestors in Salt Lake City looted stores, burned houses, assaulted police, drank Pepsi from paper bags, rode horses side-saddle, forced cats to sleep with dogs, spoke in harsh tones to their cousins in Provo and were generally agitated Monday because recently a black police officer shot and killed Dillon Taylor, and unarmed white kid.

Actually, Dillon Taylor was Hispanic (like George Zimmerman, remember?) with just slightly lighter skin than President Obama; and white folks in Utah did line up on the sidewalk across from police headquarters to protest a number of recent shootings of unarmed people – including white (yes, Virginia – there are white Hispanics) Dillon Taylor.

I was both remiss and wrong on a number of levels when I mentioned the officer in question who killed Taylor is black because on one hand it repulses me that President Obama, NBCHUFFPOCNNNYTIMESCNNFOXNEWSNANCYGRACEWHOGIVESASHIT.COMABCMSNBC
WASHINGTONPOSTBILLOREILLYTMZCHICAGOSUNTIMESPIERSMORGAN and Eric Holder just don’t seem to care. Maybe they do – I can’t get into their heads, you know.

utah2But on the other hand, it doesn’t matter what their race is until the facts are out. Then maybe it might matter. Maybe.

The South Salt Lake police department is investigating the shooting but has not said whether a weapon was found or why Taylor was deemed threatening enough for police to fire at least twice.

Former West Valley Police Detective Shaun Cowley was charged in June with manslaughter for shooting Danielle Willard in November of 2012 and these are not the only cases in Salt Lake people are demonstrating against.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune:

“They’re too trigger happy, the cops,” said Susan Bowlden, a retired teacher from South Salt Lake who lives near the 7-Eleven where Taylor was shot. “I’ve always said I trust the police. I always told children to go to the police. I do not trust them anymore.”
Such mistrust has been boosted by the high profile shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed Missouri teenager who was gunned down by a police officer just two days before Taylor was killed in Salt Lake City. Brown’s death has sparked days of protests and fomented a public debate about the proper limits of police power.
“The bottom line problem is police have no accountability, and that gives them absolute power,” said Scott Simons, whose daughter Kelly was fatally shot by police in January 2013. Kelly Simons — a suspect in a series of armed robberies — was killed by an officer when she tried to run him down with her pickup during an attempt to arrest her. Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill has ruled the shooting legally justified.
“Every time we hear that someone has been shot by police, it reopens old wounds,” Simons said. “We miss our daughter. She was a big part of our life. It hurts every day.”

But so far, looting, rioting and cohabitation between cats and dogs has been at a minimum..


by Rodney Lee Conover

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