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Tuberculosis kills 3 in Atlanta homeless shelters


Original Title: wheal 48.tifThree homeless people in Atlanta have died of tuberculosis infections as Georgia public health officials work to contain an outbreak affecting shelters, state authorities said on Friday.

The outbreak has infected 47 people, including two volunteers, linked to four shelters in Atlanta’s Fulton County, said Nancy Nydam, a spokeswoman for the Georgia Department of Public Health.

An isolated case is also being monitored in Vance, Alabama, where health officials on Friday screened auto workers for the disease after an employee at a Mercedes-Benz plant tested positive.

The transient homeless population is especially vulnerable to the disease, caused by airborne bacteria and spread through coughing or close contact with those already infected.

“A homeless person may stay at one shelter one night, but go to another shelter the next night,” said Nydam.

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