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The Texas Killing Fields


My buddy Dr. Sharon Schuetz over at Lady Patriots very recently headed down to the Texas border to track down a story that seems too grisly and downright incredible to be true.

sharon2When she got there, Sharon saw things normally reserved for horror movies. Bad ones:

This is no movie plot or thriller. It’s sad reality taking place along the Texas border in Brooks County – dubbed “the killing fields” – by some in the media. I just returned from Falfurrias, TX, and what I found there was troubling. This once peaceful and prosperous community has become the front lines in a war on America..
In June some unidentifiable bodies were found in the local cemetery causing a media frenzy and accusations of callously burying people in garbage bags in a mass grave.
The news of bodies discovered in the Catholic cemetery traveled at the speed of light. Terms like “grisly discovery,” “demanding answers,” “fraudulent act” were freely thrown around by the media.
.. In the vast 30 mile stretch of desert between Encino and Falfurrias, the harsh wasteland where smugglers leave illegals with a bottle of water and a promise to pick them up on the other side, people are dropped off in groups to walk the long way around the check-point, and many get lost and walk in circles in the desert until they just can’t go any further.
When someone gets sick or hurt, the group will just leave them behind with the promise that someone will return for them. That is usually the last anyone sees of them until a rancher comes upon their bodies or notices vultures circling them and discovers their partially eaten remains…

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The rest of the story you’ll just have to click through above and see to believe– yikes!

sharon Dr. Sharon Schuetz was in full-time ministry for over twenty-five-years.

The Schuetz family firmly believes that God needs strong families, and that Christians must assign a higher value on this faltering institution.




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