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The Stench of B.O.


It is time to rid this great nation of the terrible, debilitating stench of B.O. which has permeated throughout not only the United States of America but throughout the free world as well. This stench, as obnoxious as it is to people that love, cherish and are willing to die for freedom and liberty has become the aroma of the breath of life to those that hate, terrorize, kill, and are dedicated to the elimination of such people and nations as well as to those that believe big government is an appropriate replacement for individual responsibility and that wealth redistribution will correct the “sins of our past” and show the world we are just another bunch of people that have nothing better to offer. The stench is over powering — it’s infusion into and erosion of human ideals is sickening and almost limitless. Truth be told, it is more akin to a deadly nerve gas than just a terribly obnoxious order!

This eradication will not be easily or quickly accomplished. This stench is so embedded in the fabric of our society that the masses have come to accept it as normal. Most recent example is Jimmy Carter’s proclamation that Hamas must be accepted as a legitimate political force which goes hand in hand with our current administration’s never relenting berating of Israel and inferring they should negotiate with Hamas as an “equal”. Umm, wonder what the world would look like if Truman had negotiated with Japan and Hitler. Of course, the stench will never comprehend that Evil can not be negotiated with — only succumbed to or defeated!! Oh damn!, I must be wrong. Iran will never get the bomb — the stench insists that talk will convinced them to not build it! Does that smell?? Or is it, like a container of nerve gas in the hands of terrorists, an ever shorter fuse on a deadly bomb of mass destruction?

Even though we have just experienced the murder of our highest ranking military officer (a U.S Army Major General) since the Vietnam war by a Jihadist Muslim terrorist, no such fate is likely to rid us of the B.O. stench. The stench is provided cover that is not available to the lowly servants of this nation such as Diplomats in Libya or military personnel (even high ranking) in Afghanistan. But why would these evils want to rid the earth of the stench — it promised to stand with them when the chips were down and is consistently doing so.

drink-the-kool-aidUnfortunately, the deodorant that will eliminate this terrible odor will take two years and five months to be effective and requires three applications. The first is this fall which requires the riddance of the bacteria which is essential for the stench to continuously generate itself, better known as Harry Reid. Yeh, under-arms are Harry when not kept shaved and stink like hell without deodorants!! The second application will be the rationing of the food on which this particular odor feeds — the lawsuit by the House to halt its progression into unfettered, lawless gassing of the nation. Finally, the third and activating application will be in January of ’07 with the swearing in of a President that truly believes in American exceptionalism, the free market and the U.S. Constitution.

Note that a “Constitutional Lawyer” is not required, only a person who believes in and agrees with the Constitution. Isn’t it ironic that those who find B.O. stench “aromatic” believe that a “Constitutional Lawyer” automatically agrees with, likes and believes in the goodness and rightness of the Constitution. No doubt the stench has made them dizzy headed!! Or was it the kool aid?


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