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Republicans Despise Conservatives: Period


The argument I keep hearing is that we just need to elect more Republicans because Republicans are better than Democrats: by Rodney Lee Conover

I’ve been voting for Republicans for the past 25 years and in the meantime, the country has gotten – no pun intended – progressively worse.

despiseAmerica has been in steady decline since around 1996, and in rapid decline since about 2005.

You can nitpick about those dates, but what you can’t argue is that over the past 30 years, Republicans have been in power in various measure, even having control of the House, Senate and White House from 2000 – 2006 and the majority in the House of Representatives since 2010.

So if your answer to stopping America’s decline is to just vote in more Republicans, then I believe you suffer from lunacy. You expect a different outcome from repeating the same behavior.

We need conservatives – yes, actual conservatives, dear – and we cannot wait any longer, because saying Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor (Oops!), Kevin McCarthy and some unnamed Republican in the 2016 White House will be some sort of conservative Dream Team is not just a fantasy; it makes you sound goofy when you talk about it.

People on the right who argue against ousting Republicans in primaries are the same folks who (if they were around) would have despised Ronald Reagan in 1976. Oh, no – we need a good Republican like Gerald Ford. Yeah. Can’t go against the establishment because you, uh.. gotta, um… ’cause.. Hey – look – Farrah Fawcett! You got her poster? I do. Holy mac!

And 1980? You would have thrown in with the Fords, the Bush’s, the Howard Baker’s and the Karl Rove’s of the day and loudly supported anybody but Reagan. You would have made the same insipid arguments about nominating someone who could “actually win” – but he’s your hero now, isn’t he? Put him on Mount Rushmore next to that guy with the beard that somehow beat your guy Seward..

I can actually hear you repeating “voodoo economics” over and over and cackling at me, while I paint my Reagan yard sign. You know who I’m talking to.

Show me one piece of evidence that if Republicans take the Senate, retain the majority in the House and actually win the White House – they will all of a sudden start doing the right thing by us. You can’t and that pesky track record called “history” says things will get worse. Much worse.

These phony Republicans telling you to give them money and to vote for the GOP absolutely detest you. They take PAC money from Democrats, La Raza, leftist Labor Unions, George Soros and the Chamber of Amnesty with the stated intent to destroy you and good, conservative candidates who have the temerity to love this country and believe in the Constitution.

Republicans did nothing to stop ObamaCare. NOTHING! They funded it temporarily, then fully through 2016 and now it’s here forever, friends. They even gave it a little fix here and there to keep it around. When was the last time you heard Mitch McConnell or any of them say anything about ridding us of ObamaCare when they aren’t campaigning?

And Amnesty is right around the bend, trust me. If they could get away with it they’d do it mañana and they don’t care that they’re cutting the Party’s own throat – they answer to a bigger Party. You’re not invited to that one, by the way. It’s a Party filled with giant, multi-national forces that want your wages suppressed forever.

Ask yourself why the border isn’t secure? The legislation has been passed, the money appropriated and the Constitution is clear. So why isn’t it secure? Answer: Because neither Party wants it secure! ObamaCare is in and Amnesty is next – courtesy of Democrats who want the voters and Republicans who take the money and scheme for their overlords and against you.

It flabbergasts me that people I respect go on television and say; “.. whatever you do – don’t primary a Republican – just vote Republican because they’re better than Democrats.” You think your hero Ronald Reagan would agree? Pa-lease. We’re all being screwed by the Republican establishment – can’t you see that? They’ll take your votes, they’ll take your money – but after that – they can’t take you: Period. Yes, I love doing that. Shut up.

Uncle Rodney says two things: Vote Conservative and don’t use the term RINO anymore. No need to – just say Republican. We’ll all know what you mean.



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