Republican Victory or Conservative Litmus Test in 2014?

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As much by introspection as by observation, it is reasonable to caution conservatives that just because Mark Levin, whom I am using figuratively to represent a portion of conservative talk radio, tells us, his listener “Levinites,” that we are not low information voters, does not necessarily confer wisdom on any of us or even make it so.

Sure it gets us out to vote for Republicans but how did that work out for us when so many stayed home on November 6, 2012 because in the primaries, Levin led so many Republican listeners to believe that Romney was not conservative enough or at all, a position he was not able to walk back in the general election.

conservativeThere is an Axiom, “Once seen it cannot be unseen.” It applies to hearing as well. Too many of us heard him.

By Younis Zubchevich

Yes, Romney won 20% more of the white vote, but there are far more democrat voters and 4 million Republicans stayed home waiting for God to send a real conservative. The floods came and we are all being washed away.

A question: For those 4 million conservatives and Republicans who stayed home on election-day, how are the assaults on our border, the promise of legalizing illegal aliens with a pen and phone, abortions before and after three months, Obamacare, an un-prosperous economy that the non-Romney guy wrought upon us, more conservative than Romney.

Levin is being used figuratively. He represents others also in talk radio. The point is he is not alone.

Obama is not under siege here, nor Liberals, nor Mark Levin (Ok I’m lying. He is being attacked a bit) nor democrats (unless one views a lower case “d” a clandestine denunciation).

First an introduction: I am a conservative; I listen to Levin and others daily; I believe the worst Republican is better than the best democrat. I am an immigrant who assimilated from day One by parental order. There is no press 1 for Arabic on my iPhone. I am for limited government on all levels restricted to enumerated power, free enterprise, life, and mostly that America was formed by and for moral people. I hope I have not lost you. In a sense I am you: Republican; Conservative; Tea Party.

conservative-graphic-600x345You may be surprised then that my attack is on you voters, Republicans, Conservatives and libertarians, who are opportunists and stand for themselves by not displeasing democrats.

I want to focus on GOP’er for the purpose of building Conservative Salvation.

Contrary to what one may expect, Conservative Salvation is a renewal, a restoration of conservatives under one objective, a community that understands that its conservative principles only have value if we win political control.

Being morally and principally right has no meaning when Obama has the Pen, Reid has the Senate, the courts are turning away from us, immigrants amnestied in exchange for freebies and votes for democrats while we wear a t-shirt claiming that we have the majority in the House of Representatives, tantamount to having to make a goal line stand every day we wake up. We are always on defense and democrats are on our 1 yard line. We cannot win on defense alone. One day, we will be overpowered and our defense will break—ok, it has broken, but I’m thinking we still have a chance.

What is our chance? Win! Win! Win!

Win what? Both Houses of Congress in 2014, as well as state and local legislatures, offices and judgeships.

How? Don’t listen to the self servers, they are a reason for our losses.

Who are the self servers? In truth, as we by default do not listen to liberals, then the self servers are the Levins of Radio. The barkers who fight for our ears by telling us they are more conservative than the next confidence man on the radio; that no one else will tell us what we are about to hear from them, and if they do, it will be because other barkers have stolen it from them; The ones who tell us their books are the way to conservativism; that a GOP incumbent candidate is not conservative enough so go for the conservative in the primary and create a ruckus, scorch the earth such that if the conservative loses in the primary, you will not support the incumbent. How many of us have fallen for that one? We cannot win by losing?

You want examples: Akin, Mourdock, O’Donnell and Angle, one and all pushed as conservatives but with little or no chance to win. You supported them. Was it your idea or the barkers on the radio who have replaced our critical thought. We lost all four seats. Would you have liked those thrones today filled by the not as conservative Republican? I would. That is Conservative Salvation’s beginning, win first. But you are falling for radio’s Levins again. Bevin was the true conservative and better than RINO McConnell according to Levin? Why then did Bevin receive only 35% of primary votes? Now the Levins are attacking McConnell. McDaniel lost. Why is he being driven by the Levinites to fight the electoral results. Good luck with that. While he fights Cochran, democrats mount campaigns that Republicans may want to disenfranchise blacks. Oops there goes another senate seat. Sound familiar?

conservative_mousepad-p144425665210427410trak_400Listen! The Levins are still screeching McConnell is not conservative enough. Go ahead then and stay home.

Watch how conservative his opponent will be should he lose. Lombardi: “Winning is not a sometime thing; It’s an all time thing.”

Win with the lesser of the conservatives or even the RINO if he or she wins the primary. Get our people in office! Go support and vote for them all.

Do not be influenced by the Levins. You have the guiding ideas and principles. Once we are in office and in control of the majority, there will be a few more principled conservatives seated and few more the next time. It is a triage leading to our Conservative Salvation…but to believe the Levins, that to win all we need is a conservative is folly. He is a conservative. None of you can possibly believe that he or a Savage who threatens to run has a chance of winning a broad election on their conservatism and audience votes. They cannot and will even not attempt a candidacy. It takes more than conservatism. It takes political skills also.

What is in it for the Levins? Yes, I believe they are Americans too. We derive a considerable amount of great information from them. But what good is it to own all of Radio and lose your soul? Can we pause to ask if their success is predicated on having the opposition in power giving them cause to rage, more of us to listen leading to greater ad, book, appearance, Iced tea, apparel and lord only knows what other revenues. I do not begrudge them their profit, but not the expense of losing our voice.

We are not liberals and caricatures of ourselves. We think on our own. We can listen to facts from the Levins, but we must not allow radioheads to tell us who is best and who not to vote for. We must always vote in droves for the last standing Republicans, unless they are pro-amnesty. We are better than democrats.

The default position of most people is conservative. It should be easier for us to win. If we think on your own, we will not have to answer the question two years after the election, “Would you vote for Romney or Obama today?” For those of us who still want to resist reality, had Romney won, how many believe this man, whom Levin said is not conservative enough, would not have:

Repealed Obamacare immediately (forget Massachusetts it was always irrelevant); Approved the Keystone Pipeline creating economy; Began more drilling and exploration of U.S. energy; Quieted the EPA regulations; Lowered corporate, personal and other hidden tax rates, Diminished Quantitative Easing, Reduced unfair trade practices; Supported E verify: Held Russia in check; Maintained a status of forces agreement in Iraq; Supported Israel, Refused to trade five terrorists for a defector, Refused to golf more than 100 times, Said Muslims are the fabric of our society and contributed to NASA while begging Russia for rides into space; Stood erect with foreign Leaders, Disclosed his whereabouts during the Beghazi assult on our sovereign territory and cancelled a fundraiser the next day; Learned about disasters from authorities before you and I did from newspapers; prevented the IRS from going after conservatives. Aren’t we on Romney’s side of these issues? Why then did 4 million of us stay home again?

I have changed my mind. I am not attacking Levinites. Instead, I am asking us to renew and restore our conservative principles to win. We must be open to facts not to hucksters. I believe in us, our intelligence and our goodness. I do not believe people who are getting me to buy gold, food insurance, their 6th book in a year, Apple products and iced tea have our best interest at heart.

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