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Better Sex for Women Revealed:


Our girl Jennifer Kabbany has a shocker today for most men who, like myself can fit all the knowledge they have of women inside a thimble:

Women like sex better if there’s some lovin’ involved.

Now, I think that’s true for men, too – but Jennifer has actual insight into the minds of women and their feelings on sex that, while scary and often borderline, can help men and women get it together. In a manner of speaking.

lipsLet’s be honest – we all want this particular subject to be good, get good and stay good – so read yourself some Jennifer Kabbany from The College Fix:

since radical feminism has warped the truth about sex and love, and twisted so many female minds into believing lies and selling themselves short, I guess I can excuse the need for such a study.

Penn State Abington associate professor of sociology Beth Montemurro conducted in-depth interviews with 95 women who lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Penn State News reported the findings, culled between 2008 and 2011, on Tuesday.

The results, according to Penn State News: “Love and commitment can make sex physically more satisfying for many women.”

Women said that they connected love with sex and that love actually enhanced the physical experience of sex,” said Montemurro …

Women who loved their sexual partners also said they felt less inhibited and more willing to explore their sexuality.

“When women feel love, they may feel greater sexual agency because they not only trust their partners but because they feel that it is OK to have sex when love is present,” Montemurro said.

Two other extensive studies have also found that love and committed relationships help women come.

And ladies, want to know how to have the BEST SEX EVER?….  For the answer to that question and much more, read the whole article at “The College Fix” here:

jennifer3smJennifer Kabbany is Editor of The College Fix – run by veteran journalists for the benefit of beginning journalists, identifying and supporting college students who seek to improve campus journalism, explore careers in the media, and commit themselves to the principles of a free society.


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