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Pot and Chocolate: New Comfort Food?


Pot and chocolate have been combined by a Colorado based company that offered samples of their “chocolate” to county fairgoers. But they weren’t supposed to eat the weed. . .because the sample candy bars were not supposed to contain the drug–not at this venue anyway, and three people got sick.

Now LivWell, the medical marijuana dispensary responsible for the mishap is having to investigate. Could this be a giant step backward for pot legalization advocates? No. Pot-laced chocolate has the potential of becoming the new comfort food.

Think about it, chocolate already has properties that make you feel good, and forgiving. That’s why it’s chocolate2the gift of choice for Valentine’s Day. A box of fine, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate is the perfect precursor to a romantic evening or make-up sex. Men should have Ghiradelli’s and Godiva on speed dial for those occasions when a quick apology is made more sincere by giving a box of assorted chocolates.

Guys have discovered what researchers have also found, namely “that eating chocolate, the number one food craved by American women, causes the brain to release endorphins, chemicals that make us feel good. We want chocolate in times of stress, anxiety, pain and so on. Chocolate is a natural analgesic, or pain killer.

Other researchers have also said chocolate contains substances that might mimic the effects of marijuana, boosting the pleasure you get from eating the stuff.” (CNN)

So, there you go, the two are a perfect pair. One is a vehicle for ingestion, the other multiplies the feeling of pleasure.

But how’d weed get into LivWell’s chocolate bar samples at the county fair, you ask.

“I don’t know” a LivWell representative says with a shoulder shrug and glazed, downcast eyerolling. Someone had better find out because one of the people made sick is filing a lawsuit over the mistake. Here’s the scoop on that,

h/t Detroit News:

Three people say they were drugged after eating a chocolate bar that wasn’t supposed to have marijuana in it at the Denver County Fair’s new pot pavilion, and one of them has filed a lawsuit alleging the vendor was negligent.


Fair spokeswoman Dana Cain says at least two of the people went to the hospital and tested positive for THC, pot’s active ingredient. Colorado law bars the public consumption of pot, and no actual marijuana was supposed to be offered at the fair.


In the lawsuit filed Thursday in state court, Jordan Coombs says he ate a free sample of chocolate after a LivWell employee told him it did not contain THC. But soon after eating the candy, Coombs said he felt strange and started vomiting uncontrollably in his car. Doctors at a hospital emergency room told him he had overdosed on the drug, according to the suit, which says the candy bar should have been properly labeled as a marijuana-infused product.


Richard Jones, of Arvada, told KMGH-TV ( he became sweaty and nauseated after eating the chocolate and thought he was having a stroke or heart attack. He says hospital tests showed he had about 20 times the legal driving limit of THC in his system.


The vendor says it’s investigating. If marijuana really was in the bars, LivWell says it was put there without its knowledge.

I’ll pass on the weed laced chocolate. Instead, give me a near-lethal dose of dark chocolate sans pot mid-afternoons to tame my little demons.


THBby T.M. Burroughs



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