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How Stupid Is Your Kid? Fire Challenge Anyone?


The Pass-out game and the Fire Challenge. These are the latest fads sweeping the nation and you just have to see them to believe them – so here you go. Scroll down a little for the video:

Yep – she and her “friend” made her pass out on purpose and have a seizure when she crashed to the floor. Now, that beats studying any day, right? Worse – kids are picking up on a challenge they’ve seen on Facebook called “The Fire Challenge” which is so utterly stupid it’s hard to believe.

So the old saying goes, “If your friends were to jump off a bridge, would you do it too”? Obviously these morons, er kids would.

Setting yourself on fire has to rank among the most dumbest things you could do to yourself. The media is blaming social media, but I personally blame bad parenting and a low gene pool. I ran across a unique point of view on the subject below: It’s **NSFW but he tells it like it is:

Fox News Connecticut reported this:

The “fire challenge” involves teenagers pouring an ignitable liquid, often rubbing alcohol, on their bare skin and then lighting themselves on fire. The photos and video taken by a witness are subsequently uploaded to various social media sites. A safety alert originating from the New Jersey Office of the State Fire Marshal was circulated to the Connecticut Fire Chiefs Association Monday.


“When young survivors are interviewed, most say they didn’t give much thought to the possibility of being injured or killed and they didn’t realize the fire would be so intense,” according to the  New Jersey Office of the State Fire Marshal’s safety alert. Manchester Fire Chief Billings wants to remind teenagers and parents that this stunt can be deadly. Billings says a myth that rubbing alcohol doesn’t cause skin to burn is entirely false.


“They end up thinking going to have a small, limited amount of flame on their bodies and in effect they end up being in a cloud of flammable vapors that do light off,” said Chief Billings. Several teens across the U.S. have already been hurt, including a 15-year-old Kentucky boy who was badly burned. He discovered the stunt through Facebook.

Of course the do-gooders are blaming Facebook, but if your kid got beat up in a park, would you blame the grass and trees? Of course not – the parents and the kids here are the ones to blame – not some stupid social media.

But that’s the world we live in – no one’s responsible – it must be a Corporation, a computer or an evil inanimate object that made them do it.

God help us all.





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