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ObamaCare Architect Lies: Media Ignores [Video]


Jonathan Gruber, an economist who is the architect of ObamaCare, is lying through his teeth and the media isn’t bothering to hold him accountable.

For some background, Gruber was instrumental in writing the law that became ObamaCare.  He was the recognized expert on heath care economics that the administration relied on when the law was being crafted.  Two weeks ago the Federal District Court of Appeals in Washington DC held that because of the law’s wording related to the insurance exchanges, specifically “the exchanges run by the states,” meant that those who had signed up for ObamaCare on the federal exchange weren’t entitled to subsidies.  That ruling, if upheld by SCOTUS, would effectively gut the law.

Gruber is on record as saying, when the law was being written, that subsidies only applied to state exchanges.  Now he said that was an inadvertent error, that he misspoke.  You judge for yourself.

Here’s an exchange with Chris Matthews on The DNC Channel MSNBC, pay special attention to the clip that is cut in to his exchange where he’s talking about the exchanges.

Does that sound like a “speako” to you?  It sure doesn’t to us.  Add to that the following facts.

The tapes are clear – Two clips from two different speeches in January 2010 have surfaced wherein Gruber clearly states that subsidies are only for state exchanges.

Numerous Gruber publications support the tapes – three separate reports and articles were discovered by Breitbart that demonstrate Gruber believed Obamacare subsidies were only for state run exchanges.

HHS relied on a Gruber article – In order to defend itself in its Virginia Commonwealth Obamacare lawsuit, HHS used one of the three uncovered reports, titled “Getting the Facts Straight on Health Care Reformwritten by Gruber for The New England Journal of Medicine in December 2009.

Gruber spent significant time reviewing the Senate-proposed Obamacare bill and strongly supported the plan – As an article published on the Huffington Post by Jane Hamsher … makes clear.

Congress relied on Gruber –then-Speaker Pelosi touted “the Gruber Analysis” on her website. Furthermore, Senator Reid read from the piece on the floor of the Senate, saying that it provided substantiation from someone “who is one of the most respected economists in the world.” Moreover, on December 3, Kathleen Sebelius released a statement on the “Benefits of Health Insurance Reform for Businesses.”

Gruber’s argument is logical – During the January 2010 time period when these two recently uncovered clips of Gruber occurred, individual states were considering whether or not to set up their own exchanges. Even though HHS was pressuring states to establish their own exchanges, many governors, especially Republican governors, were balking. Gruber’s comment—“I think what’s important to remember politically about this is if you’re a state and you don’t set up an exchange that means your citizens don’t get their tax credits”—is a logical argument and a form of leverage HHS and the Obama administration likely used to pressure GOP governors to set up their own exchanges.

Gruber’s independence and credibility are damaged – Having a second tape and several publications emerge after Gruber claimed it was a “mistake“he  made while “speaking off-the-cuff” has severely damaged Gruber’s credibility.

The evidence, while it can be said, is circumstantial, is powerful.  We would recommend you go back to the original post and follow all of the internal links.  In about 15 minutes you can be very well prepared to see through the Obama administration’s arguments that “states” is simply a typo.  It’s not.  It’s another lie.  Kind of like, “If you like your health care plan you can keep it.  Period.”

It will be interesting to see where Justice Roberts comes down on this one.


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