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Obama Climate Push Would Take World Back to Middle Ages


With all the problems facing the United States and the world, President Obama is turning his attention to one of the least dangerous: global warming.

Never mind that ISIS really does want to behead your children and take over the world, whereas global warming hasn’t even registered for some 15 years, Obama is so convinced that he needs to save the Earth from fossil fuels that he’s planning to go around Congress yet again to force his weather hysteria on everyone.

According to the New York Times, which refers to “the established science of man-caused global warming,” the Obama Administration’s plan for avoiding the constitutional requirement for the Senate to ratify any treaty involves taking an already existing, legally enforceable treaty from 1992 and pressuring countries into “voluntarily” making new pledges to reduce carbon dioxide, the stuff humans exhale when they breathe.

The proposal, the Times reports, would “name and shame” countries that don’t go along with Obama’s plan. The political and emotional blackmail is necessary because of those darn Republicans in Congress gumming up the works and keeping Obama’s rubber stamp under lock and key.

“If you want a deal that includes all the major emitters, including the U.S., you cannot realistically pursue a legally binding treaty at this time,” said Paul Bledsoe, a former Clinton staffer.

Foreign countries can see the dollar signs from a world away and are more than willing to help the Administration violate U.S. law.

Said French ambassador to the U.N. Laurence Tubiana: “There’s a strong understanding of the difficulties of the U.S. situation, and a willingness to work with the U.S. to get out of this. There is an implicit understanding that this will not require ratification by the Senate.”

The “hybrid” agreement would simply expand the existing treaty and thus not require a ratification vote, according to Obama Administration sneaks. But countries that are stupid enough to sign on would be required to meet their “voluntary” levels of CO2 cuts, taking much of human civilization back to the Middle Ages for the sake of lining a few people’s pockets.

The agreement would also require regular meetings of treaty participants for the purpose of publicly shaming countries that did not meet their quotas.

Basically, it’s the same sort of nonsense Obama is trying to force on the United States domestically with his royal decree in June that put the brakes on coal-fired industries. That order is being challenged in court by at least a dozen states.

The new push for an international treaty is being opposed by some poorer countries that are afraid a non-U.N. treaty wouldn’t garner them the kickbacks they expect from such a fraud scheme.

It’s also being opposed by Republicans, who are proving they’re good for something. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “Unfortunately, this would be just another of many examples of the Obama administration’s tendency to abide by laws that it likes and to disregard laws it doesn’t like — and to ignore the elected representatives of the people when they don’t agree.”

Even pretending there has been a significant increase in temperatures in the last 15 or more years during which computer predictions have completely failed to come true, human activity accounts for only about 4 percent of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and CO2 lags, not leads, temperature changes.

But it is the false, nearly paranoiac, claims of the Left that dominate the discussion because of the control held over this country’s media by liberal billionaires. The whole global warming hysteria is designed to financially benefit those same wealthy promoters at the expense of the common man, who will have to suffer the reduced standard of living that will occur when unreliable wind and solar power replace fossil fuels.

With his Administration a joke and his legacy in shambles, Obama has been hiding on the golf course from his many problems, most of which are self-made. The quest to slay the global warming giant is nothing more than tilting at windmills, meant to distract the rest of the world from the reality of the president’s failings.


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