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Nicolle Wallace, Famous RINO, Joins ‘The View’


The TV executives are trying to satisfy what passes for diversity in choosing replacements for Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd. In selecting fairly unknown Nicolle Wallace they are covering their oh-so-politically correct tushes by having a ‘conservative’ for their viewership.

But, as conservative Republicans go, Wallace may not fill the bill.

Wallace2She is no Sarah Palin, despite her connection to Palin during her campaign run with John McCain.

One outspoken critic of Wallace is quoted as saying, “Nicolle Wallace is a RINO who wants to be “in” with the In Crowd – the top politicos and celebrity supporters of the Democratic party. Any Republican wanting to be “in” with In Crowd must  be prepared to publicly bash conservatives.

And, there are financial incentives for doing so. Steve Schmidt and Meghan McCain – the Kate Upton of the political talking heads – are two other examples of such RINOs.

PalinUltimately – because of the battle within the Republican party between the RINOs and the conservatives – the GOP will soon go the way of the Whig party, and another more conservative party will emerge in its place.”

h/t: Mail Online

Political commentator Nicolle Wallace and October Gonzalez (wife of NFL star Tony) are expected to join Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell on [‘The View’] in September.
Wallace, 42, is a novelist and political commentator for MSNBC who has appeared as a guest on The View. The former communications chief to George W. Bush, she will fill its ‘conservative’ hot seat vacated by Jenny McCarthy. She is the adviser who prepped Sarah Palin during John McCain’s presidential run.


Gonzalez and her Atlanta Falcons footballer husband Tony are perhaps best known for their work for PETA. They famously posed naked for a campaign to discourage wearing fur. Priducers were eager to find a Latina to round out the show, according to the source.Gonzalez

ABC had a short list of candidates before the taping of the final show of the season yesterday, which airs today. But they weren’t convinced about their choices and decided to shake things up, says the insider.

The UK journal Mail Online is under the impression that The View is a cutting edge political program. Wouldn’t they be surprised most Americans consider it a head nod to women’s equality and very little more?

Or as one clever observer said, “Why a self-respecting conservative woman would ever want to be part of this hag-fest is beyond me. The View is a just a coven full of Yak-witches. They’ just replaced the cauldron with a coffee table. You notice how there aren’t any kids in the audience.? They’re all over in the gingerbread house. You know what happens then.”



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