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New Program Identifies and Reports Hate Speech on Twitter


Is the techno version of fascism-lite here yet? There’s now a new program that will identify and report to, I guess “authorities” whenever it identifies “hate speech” on Twitter.

That’s a relief, because I know whoever would put together such an important piece of software probably has the correct mindset to make the parameters just so perfect as to weed out the bad guys and leave us perfect people alone so we can go about our social media day, free to say whatever we want as laid out by the Constitution..

Big Brother Logo - Season 16  Big Brother 16We’re in trouble people. Hat tip to my homegirl and self-described bad-ass Krav Maga nutcracker, Jennifer Kabbany at The College Fix:

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Indiana University has received nearly $1 million to develop a database that tracks so-called hate speech on Twitter.
The National Science Foundation is financing the creation of a web service that will monitor “suspicious memes” and what it considers “false and misleading ideas,” with a major focus on political activity online.
The “Truthy” database, created by researchers at Indiana University, is designed to “detect political smears, astroturfing, misinformation, and other social pollution.” The university has received $919,917 so far for the project.
The fact that the feds want to monitor alleged hate speech is bad enough. That the program was developed using taxpayer funds adds insult to injury. But it gets worse:
“Truthy” claims to be non-partisan. However, the project’s lead investigator Filippo Menczer proclaims his support for numerous progressive advocacy groups, including President Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action,, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, Amnesty International, and True Majority.
So, it was essentially developed by a hippie communist. And here’s the sucker punch..

continue reading at The College Fix:

Jennifer Kabbany is Editor of The College Fix run by veteran journalists for the benefit of beginning journalists, identifying and supporting college students who seek to improve campus journalism, explore careers in the media, and commit themselves to the principles of a free society.



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