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How Much Do You And Hillary Clinton Have In Common


What do I have in common with Ms. Hillary? .. Well, we’re both human beings.

.. um… ya, that’s about it.

When Hillary Clinton is “broke” she has several houses that she can cry in.

hillarylaughingWhen you and I are broke, we are usually trying to keep hold of the one house we live in.

When Hillary goes on vacation, or is hired to speak somewhere, she demands the “Presidential suite”.

If, we are able to go on vacation, it’s the motel 6, the in-law’s house, or we pull over and sleep at the rest stop.

When Hillary goes shopping, she probably doesn’t check her bank balance to make sure she can afford whatever it is she wants.

hillaryclinton winkMost of us are shopping at thrift stores, Kohl’s (when your wife gets the 30% discount offer in the mail) and we use coupons at the grocery store.

Hillary gets chauffeured around the country in limos and private jets.

The only time you and I get chauffeured around is when we are teaching our kids to drive… and that is usually a scary and tense situation.

Hillary hangs out with rich politicians, rich lobbyists, rich Hollywood snobs, and various other RICH people.

The only time you and I hang out with rich people is usually when we are working for them.
Hillary attends $20,000 a seat dinners.

Most of us are probably lucky enough if we are able to take the family to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Hillary has an insatiable need to control the rest of us.

hillary_clinton_picking_noseMost of us want politicians to leave us alone.

Hillary had the means, the opportunity and every reason to leave a man who humiliated her daughter in public, yet chose to stand by him in order to further her own political ambitions.

The rest of us would have kicked him to the curb or much worse (Google “Bobbit”)

We cherish our real friends.

I doubt Hillary has any.

She’s Them. We’re Us.

Now you see, Hillary and us have nothing in common. How can she or any of the other politicians represent you and I?

We (you and I) live in different worlds. The only time people like Hillary have anything to do with us is when she wants something, other than that she ignores us. She turn her nose up at people like you and I. You think for a minute that cackle is real?

If Americans really knew the real Hillary I’d bet she be ridden out of town on a rail. If for a minute she came out from behind that phony smile and said what she really thinks about the average ‘merican who toils away every day trying to make ends meet – it would mean the end of her career.

hillary-2016But you can’t blame her, can you? It’s worked for her up until now. She’s risen almost to the top – so close to the prize: The first woman president.

The media threw her over for Black Jesus in ’08, but there’s another chance coming up. If Obama can fool all those people into voting for him twice – can she pull it off? She’s patient, driven, obsessed… almost inhuman.


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