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Video of MSNBC Turning on Obama


Could the tide actually be turning against President Obama in the major media?  Not that MSNBC should be considered major, in any sense of the word, but a year ago you’d never have heard this discussion on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

You’ve no doubt seen stories about Lois Lerner’s emails from London back to a coworker at the IRS where she labeled people on the right “assholes” and “crazies” who are more likely to “take us down” than foreign terrorists.

Those sentiments are coming from a senior manager at the IRS, a group that is supposed to be absolutely non-partisan.  We’ll say right here that she’s absolutely entitled to her opinion about those who don’t agree with her politically, heck, we’ve said worse about the looney left, and we will again.  We absolutely believe that progressive Democrats – are there any other kind these days? – are a bigger danger to our nation than al Qaeda.  There’s a difference though, we’re not responsible for writing or enforcing IRS regulations, Lois is.

Lois’ problem isn’t that she happens to hold a corollary opinion to ours, or that she even held a senior position at the IRS, it’s that she acted on her opinion in her enforcement of IRS regulations, and she apparently did the same when she held a senior position at the Federal Election Commission.

The MSNBC panelists, not a Tea Party member in the lot, make the very strong point that there’s maybe just a little more than a “smidgen” of corruption at the IRS.  And maybe the FBI, who couldn’t find any problems at the IRS even before they had appointed an Obama campaign donor to investigate it.

“If the question is was there political, ideological bias inside the IRS, it’s hard to argue ‘no’ after you read that,” said Willie Geist.

“And malice,” added MSNBC contributor Nicolle Wallace. “She equates Republicans as inferior to terrorists. I think motive is there, I think state of mind is there–again, if this were a legal proceeding, they’ve got their gal.”

When all this shakes out they may have more than “their gal.”  A lot more.



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