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Michael Brown was NOT stopped because of a robbery


Like it or not, Michael Brown is not Trayvon Martin and the outrage over Brown’s shooting by a police officer in Ferguson, MO is not the same race baiting crap that went on in Florida when Martin was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer who Martin was in the process of beating to death.

It turns out that Brown apparently, according to a convenience store video, stole some cigars before he was shot down by police.  In fact, and this is according to the Ferguson, MO police chief, Brown was stopped by the officer for walking the street and the officer had no knowledge of the robbery.

There are still lots of questions to be answered, but the actions of the police in Ferguson are looking more and more like an out-of-control mob.

We will be following this story closely and will have updates as they occur.

Bottom line, was Brown a saint?  No, not likely.  Did the Ferguson cop have any business killing him, it’s looking less and less likely every minute.  Even if Brown assaulted the cop, which we don’t think has been established, he was apparently walking away when cop opened fire.

Ferguson is a small town, Brown is an easily recognized guy.  The cop could have called for backup or he could have filed a report and gotten an arrest warrant.  There’s no evidence he was in any kind of immediate danger, and certainly not to the extent that he needed to kill Brown.

The real issue here is just how out-of-control and militarized our local police forces have become.  No matter how this shakes out in terms of what Brown may or may not have done, Ferguson cops acted like an occupying force and stoked the flames after the shooting.  Even if Brown turns out to be a bad guy, it’s the Ferguson police force that are the poster bad guys here.



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