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Michael Brown: “One day the whole world is going to know my name”


The funeral of Michael Brown is today (Monday) and the family is pleading for no protests or violence while they bury their son. His father is calling for “a day of silence.”

Good luck to them, but also – there will come a day when they’ll have to ask themselves what happened here. When all the reporter’s have left and no one cares about Ferguson or the name Michael Brown.

mbThat day will be upon us soon, but Michael Brown’s parents will always live with this terrible thing.

Nothing worse. I doubt they’ll ever have another good day the rest of their lives and I doubt they’ll ever hear from the likes of Al Sharpton, etc. again after a few weeks.

He, along with everyone else will move on.

Hat tip: NBC

Thousands are expected to pay their respects to Brown on Monday at a Baptist church in St. Louis, six miles from the spot where he was killed, including activists, politicians, and members of the Obama Administration. For his parents, the service at Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church will be both very public and intensely personal — their chance to say goodbye to a son whose death made him household name.

Brown’s family has requested there be no demonstrations on the day of the funeral. “We need a moment of silence on our son,” Brown Sr. said. “We need peace on his going-away.”

Over two weeks of Protests — some that turned violent at times — and a military-response by police catapulted the story of Brown’s death into the national consciousness, spawning the rallying cry “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” and bringing Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson.

The White House is sending three representatives to the funeral: Broderick Johnson, who heads the Brother’s Keepers Task Force, and Marlon Marshall and Heather Foster of the Office of Public Engagement. Marshall is a St. Louis native who attended high school with Brown’s mother.

President of the National Action Network Rev. Al Sharpton, who is also a host on MSNBC, is expected to speak, and California Congresswoman Maxine Waters returned to her hometown this weekend so she could be there.

“I am particularly sympathetic to the parents and relatives of Michael Brown for their loss, and am unsettled over the circumstances of his death,” Waters said, drawing parallels between Brown’s shooting and the 1991 police beating of Rodney King.

The sanctuary of Friendly Temple, which has deep roots in St. Louis’ black community, holds 2,500 people, but spokeswoman Diane Mackey told NBC News that another 2,600 can be accommodated in other spaces. There may also be a crowd outside.

The eulogy will be delivered by Brown’s great uncle, Pastor Charles Ewing. In an interview with the Associated Press, he recalled a prophetic conversation he had with his nephew, who was about to start college and wanted to become a rapper.

“He said, ‘One day the whole world is going to know my name,'”..

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