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Krauthammer on Europe – Raw, Naked Anti-Semitism [Video]


Charles appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and responded to a question about Hamas that led him to denounce anti-Semitism in Europe.  And he did it in very harsh – but realistic – terms.

We agree with his summation of Europe.  The Europeans have not, nor will they ever, get beyond Hitler and his Final Solution.  Anti-Semitism runs riot in Europe, although the Danes are planning a rally that should be interesting, and we’re pretty sure that if they could figure out a way to keep it secret, the EU – not just Germany – would likely reopen Auschwitz and the camps.

We also disagree with his take about American anti-Semitism.  We feel that it’s cut from the same cloth.  On college campuses here, there is the divestiture movement with students and faculty demanding that endowments divest any investment that supports Israel in any way.  And they do it in Hitleresque terms.  Jewish college students don’t feel safe on liberal campuses in liberal states.

Here in the US, the ovens wouldn’t be set up in Kansas or Texas, they’d be running overtime in New York and California.

As a matter of fact, here’s a cartoon (found by our Research Department – Mrs Curmudgeon) that perfectly expresses our feeling about anti-Semitism in the US.



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