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Johnathan Gentry strikes again – a REAL voice in the black community


Johnathan Gentry is a real voice of reason and sanity in the black community.  He put up a video that went mega-viral about the real problems in Ferguson, MO in particular and in the black community in general.  It also got him invited to FoxNews, here’s some of what he had to say on Fox.

We think Johnathan is on the right track.  None of the “black leadership” – Jesse Jackson (Sr., Jr. is still in prison), Al Sharpton, the NAACP, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, etc. – none of them will address the real problems in the black community.  As you might guess, Mr. Gentry is taking some heat from the sources you’d expect.  The following is from a source I refuse to link, you can Google the whole quote if want to find the source.

The crowd on the couch pulled it off once again. They found a Black Minister, Minister Johnathan Gentry, to blame the conduct and attitude of the Black community for the recent tragedy of Mike Brown being gunned down, unarmed by Officer Darren Wilson. Gentry is fed up with the way all these Black folks aren’t more obedient and naturally, this is what they get.

By saying things like, It’s sickening. Black people are so uptight. Let’s change our ways…

This is complete crap.  Your Curmudgeon has taken no end of heat for our posts over the last few days on Ferguson.  We believe that the police in Ferguson, thanks primarily to their paramilitary attitude – desert camo in a downtown street with no desert around, military APCs, etc., have a lot of the responsibility for crowd reactions since the shooting.  Nothing we’ve seen has changed our minds on that.

On the other hand, with Ferguson residents destroying the stores of the merchants in their town, looting, rioting, we’d have called out the National Guard a long time ago.  Missouri Governor Jay Nixon finally got around to it last night.  There are at least two unique and mutually exclusive issues here.  The first is the militarization of police departments all over the US.  The second is the black “community.”

We’ve been writing about the militarization of police departments for a long time, we think it’s a real danger to our liberty.  We keep reading stuff by people who are afraid of the government using the US military against the American people.  We don’t share their concern at all.  We’re a military family and we know lots of service members, mostly Marines, and they would not pick up arms against US citizens.  Your local police department, on the other hand, would, by and large, mow you and your neighbors down in the name of crowd control in a New York minute.  Given a choice between their fat pensions and your constitutional rights, pensions will win nearly every time.  We’re long past time to stop building a paramilitary force, 80% of whom are overweight, and get back to real community policing.  We need to get away from “Overcome & Destroy” and get back to “Protect & Serve.”

As for the black “community,” it’s long past time they took responsibility for what’s going on in their neighborhoods.  There’s a reason the most violent places in the nation, virtual war zones, are the communities of color in our cities.  There are no families there, thanks in large measure to the Democrat’s War on Poverty that has been supported by most Republicans for decades.  Boys grow up in an environment where there is no father, they are in grinding poverty, and their only role models are drug dealers, rappers, politicians, and sports superstars who beat up their girlfriends.  What do expect is going to happen?

The so-called leadership amongst minorities, people like the Sharptons and Jacksons and Obamas, have never done a thing to actually “help” those communities.  All they do is hand them scapegoats and anoint “heroes” who are punks – see Trayvon for starters.

We happy to see Johnathan Gentry speak up.  We’re praying for his safety, because he’s made himself a target for the “leadership” and they’ll want their pound of flesh.  God forbid someone should hold them, and their community, accountable for actions that are unconscionable.

HT – TowDog



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