Johnathan Gentry, a man you need to listen to about Ferguson…

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Mr. Gentry doesn’t mince any words, and he’s right on the money.

When all is said and done, the mess in Ferguson is about four things.

  1. Michael Brown.  Michael Brown was killed by a Ferguson police officer.  Apparently he had stolen some cigars from a convenience store earlier in the day, about $45 worth of cigars.  The cop who killed him didn’t know about the theft.  There will be endless stories about Michael Brown the college bound angel and endless stories about Michael Brown the punk.  In a month only Brown’s parents will still be dealing with his death.
  2. The Ferguson PD.  In the dictionary under incompetent jackasses you’ll find the Ferguson PD and especially the police chief.  There’s the alleged assault of the officer who shot Brown.  There will questions about the shooting, whether it was a “good” shooting. Was Brown walking away and was the officer in fear for his life?  This shooting will be investigated to death, no pun intended.  The St. Louis County Sheriff will no doubt investigate, Ferguson PD will probably investigate, the FBI certainly will investigate, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Eric Holder’s Department of Justice investigate for a whole bunch of reason.  When all is said and done, nobody will be happy with what will certainly be conflicting stories coming as a result of the investigations.
  3. The People of Ferguson.  See Mr. Gentry’s video.  Your Curmudgeon is not a friend of the cops in this mess and based on what is now known – and there will certainly be more – we think the cop made a really bad shooting and he should likely be prosecuted.  That said, the people of Ferguson are acting like, we don’t want to say “animals” because animals have much better sense than the people we’ve seen reacting to this mess.  We absolutely agree with Mr. Gentry.  In addition, we would extend the stupidity of the residents of Ferguson to the residents of just about every “community of color” in the nation.  For the reasons that racist guy Gentry cites on the video.  Until those “communities” confront what’s going on in their neighborhood, nothing is going to change.  We’re not holding out much hope on that.
  4. Police Militarization.  In our anything but humble opinion, this is the one area that it’s actually possible to do something positive.  Cops aren’t cops anymore, they’re the occupying force in every city and town in the country.  SWAT teams are used to serve fairly routine warrants.  Cops are being given military equipment by the Pentagon and they’re busily establishing a para-military force in your community.  To Serve & Protect is just a distant memory for we old people. Today there’s damn little serving and the only people the cops are protecting – or feel any responsibility for or any affinity toward – is other cops.

The real lesson here is just how broken our society has become.  There is no accountability in our society anymore.  Cops aren’t accountable to the citizens they’re supposed to be protecting.  Citizens aren’t accountable to each other.  Politicians are only accountable to their bankers.

It’s easy to blame it on Democrats because their War on Poverty drove, and drives, the disintegration of families, but Republicans have been on the “we’re here to help you” bandwagon for the same 60 plus years Democrats have been pulling the wagon.

The question, unfortunately, isn’t “when” or “how” we can turn things around, but


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