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Jackie Mason Goes Off on Anti-Israel Celebrities [Audio]


In a pre-recorded radio show to air this Sunday, the great Jackie Mason goes off on anti-Semites in Hollywood, such as Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Penelope Cruz – all who have blamed Israel for the recent bloodshed involving Hamas and Gaza.

Mason is one of the few – the proud – to tell it like it is and I applaud Mr. Mason for not just his brilliance over a six decade career – but his willingness to stand up to these haters. Here’s a taste of the Jackie Mason bitch-juice:

jACKIE_MASON_PAPER_07“They come from these kinds of anti-Semitic backgrounds where a Jew is the most disgusting thing in the world” — Jackie Mason

Hah! Stick it, you numbnuts on the left. Here’s the details on the Sunday show – don’t miss it.

Aaron Klein is an American operating from Tel Aviv and his is often considered the only major U.S. radio talk show broadcast from the Middle East.

Jackie Mason, (who spent three years as an ordained rabbi before becoming a comic), will claim during this Sunday’s show that Hollywood is run by Jews but is nevertheless “anti-Semitic,” “ignorant” and “stupid” when it comes to issues involving Israel: From The Hollywood Reporter:

In a pre-recorded segment, Klein in Israel asks the 83-year-old entertainer from his home in New York to comment on “Hollywood geniuses” like Selena Gomez, Penelope Cruz and Rihanna, who have criticized Israel for its response to Hamas in an ongoing conflict in Gaza.


“They come from these kinds of anti-Semitic, low-class backgrounds where a Jew is the most disgusting thing in the world to them,” Mason answers, according to audio obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. “The ironic thing is that it’s Jewish people who own these Hollywood studios … And they all hire these people and they depend on them for a living. Every penny they made is made from Jews and they hate every Jew just by nature.”


Though Mason seems to go off on celebrities and Hollywood in general, Klein’s question was specifically based on comments recently made by Rihanna, Gomez and especially Cruz, who signed with other Spanish film stars an open letter denouncing Israel for engaging in “genocide.”



Gomez, on the other hand, merely tweeted and posted on her Instagram the sentiment, “It’s about humanity. Pray for Gaza,” then followed up by clarifying that she wasn’t taking sides. Rihanna tweeted #FreePalestine, then deleted it eight minutes later after it had been re-tweeted about 7,000 times.

“Talk to an actor about anything that happened 10 minutes ago, they never heard about it. They don’t watch television unless it’s about themselves,” Mason says during the radio show, which will air in New York on Sunday at 7 p.m. on AM 970 The Answer.

All the while Jews in America continue to vote Democrat! Why? When this administration has shown more contempt for Israel than any other in our history! At least Republicans have shown unwavering support for Israel! —

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.  America is these people’s enemy, Israel is America’s ally, ergo they side with Palestinians who are hitting America by proxy. Simple as that. —

How much do you want to bet that neither Rihanna, Selena Gomez or Penelope Cruz could tell you what genocide means? —

Good for Jackie Mason for telling it like it is. This sums up the Obama-Kerry foreign policy – “Israel should agree to all Hamas demands including the one where Hamas wants to kill all Jews.” —



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