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Andrew Gaynier Shot and Killed by Police: Unarmed and White


So, just found out some interesting information… In all the hullabulloo and actors and actresses speaking out about how murder and such ‘just doesn’t happen to white people’ I just really got to wondering…

Two days after Michael Brown was shot, Andrew Gaynier, of Dallas, was shot and killed by police officers and he was not armed. He was also white.

by Shelly of

black on whiteIn April 2009, Christopher Cervini, a white teen, was shot and killed by Roderick Scott, a black man, who heard a bunch of teens reeking havoc in his neighborhood. Three years before Treyvon Martin was killed. Scott was acquitted of Cervini’s murder. All just like the Treyvon Martin case, but hardly anyone hears about that.Jonathan Foster, a white 5th grader, was kidnapped, killed and burned by a black woman.

In 2010, according to the National Crime and Victimization Survey (Bureau of Justice Statistics), the number of white on black crime victims was about 62,000

The number of black on white crime victims was about 320,000

White people committing crimes against black people – 62,000

Black people committing crimes against white people – 320,000

This shows that black on white crime is 5x higher than white on black, but really, that’s not accurate when you take into account the number of citizens and their race.

In America, there are about 38 million black people and 197 million white people.

That means, black on white crime is actually 25x higher than white on black. If you look at aggravated assault and rape, it’s 200x more. The number of white on blackrapes were so miniscule they had to round to the nearest whole number and when they did, it was zero.

Now, before I get attacked for sharing this information, let me just say – this isn’t something I notice, or even care about, on a typical day. As far as I’m concerned, crime is crime and horrible, but with all the “this sort of thing doesn’t happen to white people” mumbo jumbo going around the net due to the things in Ferguson deal these days, I looked into it and found it rather interesting…

But, let’s face it. The reason it’s this way is because of the white people repressing all other races…

(That last sentence was sarcasm, just to be clear)



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