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Independent Experts Autopsy Results on Michael Brown: SHOCKING


The family of Michael Brown, actually, their attorneys, have brought in two forensic experts to perform an independent autopsy for the family. Here’s the report from Newsweek, formerly a magazine sold by the Washington Post for $1.

An independent, preliminary autopsy performed on the body of Michael Brown shows that the 18-year-old was shot “at least six times,” according to Dr. Michael M. Baden, formerly the chief medical examiner for the City of New York, one of two experts who performed the autopsy.

Dr. Baden said Brown’s family asked him and Prof. Shawn Parcells, a pathology assistant, to conduct the independent autopsy because they did not trust local authorities to conduct an unbiased examination of the teenager, who was shot by police officer Darren Wilson in circumstances that remain unclear.

First of all, we’re a little surprised that Newsweek would note that the circumstances of Brown’s death “remain unclear.” That makes them the ONLY media outlet of the major variety (if you can call a magazine sold for $1 “major”) that hasn’t convicted officer Darren Wilson of first degree murder with a hate crime enhancement.

Beyond that, Newsweek didn’t do any homework on the article.

First of all, it would appear that Dr. Baden didn’t perform the autopsy, Prof. Shawn Parcells apparently did. The Brown family attorneys, Parks and Crump, contacted both Baden and Parcells to perform an autopsy. Dr. Baden is the retired Medical Examiner for New York City. More on Shawn Parcells later.

There is a time line issue relating to the autopsy. Last Wednesday, August 13th, Parcells was on MSNBC and stated that he had been contacted earlier that day by Crump. On Friday, August 15th, attorney Daryl Parks held a press conference where he vented on the Ferguson police department and at that press conference he told the media that their independent autopsy had already been done. According to the New York Times, Dr. Baden was flown in to Ferguson on Sunday, August 17th.

So, apparently Dr. Baden was not in Ferguson until Sunday and on the previous Friday the Brown family lawyers announced that the autopsy was done. That means that Prof. Shawn Parcells must have done it. So, let’s see just who Professor Shawn Parcells is.

From his LinkedIn page, here’s what the professor says about himself. Basically, he’s held a series of part time jobs, including adjunct professor and guest lecturer at two Kansas universities. He holds a BS in Life Sciences/Chemistry, an MA from the New York Chiropractic College, and will be attending the International University of Health Sciences starting in September of this year. The IUHS is not accredited in the US, they are in St. Kitts.

Mr. Parcells credentials are a figment of his own mind. He is not, at least as defined by academics, a “professor.” At best he’s an instructor or lecturer, and in the world of US academia that is the rough equivalent of an old cat turd. It implies exactly zero subject matter expertise and the requirement for those positions is to be able to follow a prepared curriculum for undergraduates.

Mr. Parcells is, in real terms, a hired mouth. On a witness stand we’d have to believe that a decent attorney would make hash of him and his “credentials.”

Now that we know about Mr. Parcells credentials, here’s what he had to say about the autopsy.

Now that you’ve heard from the phony professor, here’s what the Medical Examiner for St Louis has to say about Mr. Parcells.

Here’s what various pathologists have said about the work of Mr. Parcells.

Police in Andrew County are looking into allegations that a pathologist Parcells listed on a 2012 autopsy was never consulted.

The coroner in Pettis County filed a complaint with the Missouri Board of Healing Arts, and several others have discontinued using Parcells’ services because of what they called unprofessional conduct. One of those was former Lincoln County Coroner Robert Shramek, who used Parcells’ firm four times in 2010. Shramek said he became alarmed when Parcells asked what to put down as the cause of death on an autopsy report instead of following the evidence.

Others, such as Dr. Mary Case, the medical examiner for St. Louis, St. Charles, Franklin and Jefferson counties, have been outspoken about the allegations against Parcells.

“It’s very bad for our state if there’s someone doing autopsies without a medical license,” she said. “This is a huge atrocity, an invitation to disaster, and it needs to stop.”

Thankfully, for the Brown family, these two “pathologists” have donated their services.  Hopefully their two-bit, ambulance chasing lawyers aren’t charging them either.

We feel sorry for the Browns, they’ve lost their son.  No matter how it turns out, no matter his criminal involvement or not, he was their son and they’re hurting.  As a father I would guess that they see a cute little three year old with the excitement of new life in his eyes when they think about him.

The people they’ve surrounded themselves with are doing them and the memory of their son they’d like to keep in their hearts no good at all.


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