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Live in Florida? ObamaCare Means No More Vacation [Video]


Fortunately for you, Florida is where most people want to go for vacation, so stay at home and enjoy yourself. Why? Well, this little gem hit the wires today, and it’s all about ObamaCare.

Floridians who buy health insurance on the individual market for next year will face an average increase of 13.2 percent in their monthly premiums, according to rate proposals unveiled Monday by the state’s Office of Insurance Regulation.


Fourteen companies filed ACA-compliant plans for Florida’s 2015 individual market, including three new companies that did not participate on the federally-run exchange last year.

That’s bad news for perennial candidate for any available office, former governor, former Republican, former “conservative,” current candidate for governor, Charlie Christ.

That 13% increase in ObamaCare premiums is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s ObamaCare deductibles and ObamaCare co-pays on top of the increase.

As Charlie Crist would undoubtedly say, Great!




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