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Cops: If Obama Doesn’t Follow Constitution, We Don’t Have To [Video]


You read that right.  President Obama is leading, and leading out front.  This post isn’t a parody or just a cynical shot, it’s a wake up call.  It was a cop who said it, and we find that to be not just appalling but dangerous.

Here’s what happened.

An animal rights activist went to the police department to file a complaint against a local animal shelter that he said had been violating health and safety codes.  It appears that he didn’t receive a very warm welcome for reasons we don’t know.  As you’ll hear on the video below, he was insistent, but not obnoxious.  That opinion is coming from an old Curmudgeon who has, generally, no use for animal rights activists, but we’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on health and safety violations.

That said, here’s the video of the encounter with their local cops.

Got that?  We’ve got two huge problems with this.  First is with the precedent the President is setting.  The officer is right about President Obama ignoring the Constitution.  The second problem we’ve got here is with the police department.  Without regard to the conduct of the Leader of the Free World, the local cop most certainly do have to follow the Constitution, no whining and no excuses.  As a side note, and this is not giving them a pass, they made no attempt to stop the cameraman from shooting video and they didn’t try to confiscate the camera.  Many police departments would have done that, and, that is patently unconstitutional.

Remember, your local cops, who may well be feeling they don’t have to follow the Constitution if their fearless leader won’t, are these guys…

Not these guys…

Don’t forget it and don’t kid yourself.  If it comes down to obeying an order that violates the Constitution in any way or losing their pensions, your rights are history.  Andy and Barney are long gone.



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