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Hillary or Elizabeth: Could Anyone be Worse?


After the poison of this administration has finally made it through the country’s system in 2016, a lot of us are wondering if there possibly could be anyone worse than Barack Obama as president?

elizabeth-warren-hillary-clinton-740x400-300x180Democrats have the same problem in 2016 that Republicans had in 1988 except that instead of scratching our heads trying to imagine if there would ever be someone better than President Reagan, now the hunt is on for someone that is even more destructive than President Obama.

Here is some fantastic analysis from at Liberty Alliance:

Two of the worst possible presidential candidates—meaning two of the Democrats’ favorites—are Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. As bad as President Obama has been—and he has been about as bad as presidents get—either of these potential candidates could give him a run for his money in tearing down America.
For a while it looked like the candidate to beat would be Hillary Clinton, but then it looked that way in 2008 too. Her leftwing, destructive progressivism credentials are impeccable. After all, Hillary is an icon of the far left and the reigning poster girl for the National Organization for Women (NOW). But Hillary has a problem, and I don’t mean Bill—although he is hardly an asset to her. The problem referred to here is the blood feud between the Clintons and the Obamas. The Obama’s and Clinton’s have never gotten along very well. In fact, they despise each other, and the animosity between them developed long before Hillary started distancing herself from Obama’s mounting failures.
Bill Clinton is out of the presidency, but not gone from the political scene. In between exploiting his presidency by charging exorbitant fees for making lame speeches, Bill Clinton is engaged in a death struggle—politically speaking—for control of the Democrat Party. His foe in this struggle is none other than Barack Obama.   Because of this feud as well as other baggage she carries, Hillary may not be the anointed candidate of Democrats after all. One of her biggest problems is that she needs to distance herself from President Obama on such issues as Benghazi, Syria, the economy, IRS bullying, NAS snooping, Crimea, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, the Marine being held in a Mexican jail, children at the Border, the Obama vs. Putin wimp factor, and a host of other issues. But in trying to distance herself from all that has made Obama a failed president, she risks alienating Obama’s loyal base of leftwing radicals who would still vote for him even if he turned out to be a closet Ayatollah.
While people who love America understandably fear the impending candidacy of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama is working behind the scenes to produce an alternative candidate—one who is not distancing herself from the Obama administration and one who may be Obama’s equal when it comes to destructive progressivism. That potential presidential candidate is…

… continue reading at Patriot Update:

Feel free to pick up a history book that contains objective analysis of the French Revolution of 1787. It was the beginning of Communism, which is essentially Socialism with guns pointed at you. Around one (American) term later, the French felt so oppressed they actually replaced their former leaders with extreme prejudice. I’m not going to say what they did to those dopey politicians who thought spreading the wealth around was a great idea, but it involved a French physician named Joseph-Ignace Guillotin. Got it?

What I’m saying is that if the French can figure it out, maybe we will and some folks will just lose their heads over it. I don’t know..

Cool: German engineer Tobias Schmidt recommended to Dr. Antoine Louis that the prototype for the “guillotine” have an angled blade to slice better. Nothin’ gets by those Germans.

Some years later, Adolph Hitler would invade France, forgo the bother of using giant  wooden structures with the big horizontal beam, a sharpened axe-head looking thing attached to a massive wooden block, fitted precisely in grooves, mounted on a platform – so everyone could see the executions. He just had people shot in the head en masse.

guillotineBasically, people just don’t read history; or they read it and think it’s made up; or they just don’t think it can happen to them until they’re trading sexual favors for little scraps of meat with a smelly prison guard in the gulag.

Know what I’m sayin’?

Wise up you dopes. While you’re enabling Obama and the next nightmare to come out of the Democrat Party, they’re not giving you a seat at the table when or if they prevail. You’re just a “useful idiot.” Google it.



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